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“1001 nights 15”

“1001 nights 15”

“1001 nights 15”, 2007, Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas board, 53 x 53 cm


Discover the contemporary artistry of Naima Abdulla AL Maimani, an Omani female artist whose captivating works have been exhibited exclusively in Oman. From her first show in 1998 to her most recent exhibition in 2009, Al Maimani has displayed her talent in solo and group shows, earning recognition alongside artists like Enaam Ahmed and Moosa Omar. Delve into her evolving career, marked by notable exhibitions at prestigious galleries like Bait Muzna and The Omani Society For Fine Arts, and witness the captivating evolution of her artwork over the years. Explore the dynamic creativity of Naima Abdulla AL Maimani today.

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