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Assistance to Objects 2

Assistance to Objects 2

Media: Objects made of ceramics, diverse light material, subwoofer, performance

„Assistance to Objects 2″ (2015 / 2017 / 2021). The installation with accompanying performance is currently on view in the exhibition “Out of Space” at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. It consists of massive, tube-like objects made of ceramic, each equipped with a subwoofer. Also on display are elements made of paper, foil and packaging materials. In the performance the objects start to vibrate through the use of very deep sine tones. The sound frequencies are outside the human hearing range, but can be felt. The ceramics begin to vibrate perceptibly. At the same time, I make the accessories made of lighter material resonate. I let styrofoam chips bounce on a loudspeaker membrane, stretch a large paper web over a second one, and place a cardboard disk on a third one. Just as the medial realms of sculpture, sound art, and performance resonate with their surrounding space. Photo Hamburger Kunsthalle © Fred Dott 2021


Swiss artist Angela Anzi has been making waves in the art world since her first exhibition in Hamburg in 2009. With a diverse range of shows across Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, and beyond, Anzi has established herself as a prominent figure in contemporary art. Notable exhibitions include Out Of Space at Hamburger Kunsthalle and collaborations with other talented artists. With a steadily rising ranking and a promising career trajectory, Angela Anzi continues to captivate audiences with her innovative and thought-provoking work. Discover more about the artist's journey and evolution in the career chart on her trends page.

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