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Internet Dream

Internet Dream


Internet Dream, a “videowall” by Nam June Paik, consists of a total of 52 monitors together forming a large unified image surface on which a shifting patchwork of electronically-processed images from three separate video sources is shown. As part of this bank of 52 screens, four smaller image-surfaces, each composed of nine monitors, all show the same image from the first image source, but on each one of the four, the image has a different orientation. Sixteen monitors surround this formation, showing in turn images from the other two image sources.


As you explore the life and artistic legacy of Nam June Paik, you will discover a true pioneer in the world of video art. Paik had a lifelong fascination with technology and sought to fuse it with creative expression. His early experiences studying music and art in Hong Kong and Japan shaped his avant-garde and experimental sensibilities. 

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