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It wasn’t me

It wasn’t me

Media: fine art baryta hanemühle on metacrylate and aluminium base
Dimensions: 110 x 74 x 2 cm (H x W x D)

“I was in that sextape.

I knew it would ruin my life, and he would use it, so I decided to destroy it.

I felt humiliated, scared, and furious, so I took the hammer and started smashing it with all of my anger.

Then he turned around, his back facing me. At first, I looked at his neck, then at his head. For a second, I thought about how easy it could be to crack, like an egg.

It was just an intrusive thought, a spontaneous fantasy. I really thought it could be a solution, that I would regain my life, dignity, and empowerment, but I didn’t. I understood that real power starts with controlling yourself and staying calm and composed.

It wasn’t me, Your Honour… I didn’t kill him.”


Discover the ultra-contemporary art of Spanish female artist Lidia Vives Rodrigo, known for her work in Conceptual Art. With exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Sweden, and more, Rodrigo has showcased her talent in solo and group shows, including the notable 11th International Festival of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Ranked among the Top 1,000,000 globally and the Top 10,000 in Spain, Rodrigo's career has seen steady growth, with her best rank achieved in 2024. Explore her unique artistic journey and evolving success in the art world throughout the years.

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