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“Kate Moss”

“Kate Moss”

“Kate Moss”, Digital c print photograph, executed 1993 in the following editions; 20 x 24″, edition of 25, 60 x 48″, edition of 10


Discover the post-war British artist Albert Watson, known for his captivating exhibitions around the world. With a career spanning 29 years, Watson has showcased his work in Germany, the United States, France, and beyond. From his first exhibition in 1994 to his most recent in 2023, Watson has made a significant mark in the art world with 34 solo shows and 74 group exhibitions. Ranked among the Top 10,000 globally and the Top 1,000 in the UK, Watson's art can be found in museum collections and has been featured alongside other renowned artists. Explore Watson's fascinating journey through his career chart on the trends page.

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