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Marilyn (Red)

Marilyn (Red)


Medium :Etching
Size :53 x 38cm


You step into the museum, greeted by a sea of black - black paintings, black photos, and black sculptures. This is the world of Arnulf Rainer, an Austrian artist known for revolutionizing art in postwar Europe. For over 60 years, Rainer has pushed the boundaries of expression using various media, though his signature style has always involved obscuring and defacing his creations. His life's work is a testament to the turmoil of the 20th century and his rebellion against social conventions. 

From his start as part of the Vienna Actionists performance art group to his black-over paintings and face farces, Rainer has made a career of confronting and provoking his audiences. His life inspires us, reminding us to remain true to our creative spirit in the face of criticism and rejection. 

Arnulf Rainer, the Austrian rebel, left a legacy of courageous art that provoked deeper reflection. By following his unique path, Rainer found artistic freedom and shared that space with the world.

To understand Rainer is to understand the angst of Austria's history and the human struggle for freedom of thought. This exhibit offers a chance to glimpse into the mind of a defiant visionary who never stopped questioning the world around him. Prepare to be challenged.

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