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Raum – Zeit – Doppeltkrümmung

Raum – Zeit – Doppeltkrümmung


Courtesy CCA Andratx


As you explore the creative life and sculptural works of renowned contemporary artist Alicja Kwade, you will gain insight into a visionary mind that sees beyond surface realities. Kwade's art invites you to question what you think you know about the world around you and venture into a realm where the logical and illogical intersect. 

While her works are deeply philosophical, Kwade brings a sense of wonder and playfulness to her artistic practice. She allows us to see ourselves and the world anew by bending the familiar into new shapes. Kwade's sculptures stand as a reminder that reality is fragile and fleeting, forever in flux - much like the materials she thoughtfully transforms.

This is your opportunity to understand what drives an artist who sculpts enigmas and engineers experiences that spark wonder and confusion in equal measure. Let yourself get lost in the worlds that Kwade creates with precision and passion. Her art may leave you with more questions than answers, but that is precisely the point.

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