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Seville, 1987

Seville, 1987

Media: fine art baryta hanemühle on metacrylate and aluminium base
Dimensions: 80 x 53 x 2 cm (H x W x D)

I have a lot of chess-related anecdotes, but my favorite one isn’t even mine.

It’s a family story.

1987, Seville. My parents were there on their honey moon. At the same time, The Chess World Championship was taking place in a theater: Kárpov vs Kaspárov.

Being keen-chess fans, the newly-weds decided to go along.

At that time, my mom was simply stunning. On the night in question, she was wearing a tight red dress, high heels, with Ferrari red lips and long black curly hair.

Inside the theater, you could hear a pin drop and the silence was broken by the sound of my mother’s heels. Kárpov turned his head and his eyes fixed upon her, lingering there for a few seconds.

A security guard abruptly intervened, pleading with my mom to be more discreet.

In the end, Kaspárov manged to refocus and win the match.

Maybe he was inspired, maybe Kárpov was having a bad day… in my family, we all like to say that it was my mom’s fault. And I choose to believe it.


Discover the ultra-contemporary art of Spanish female artist Lidia Vives Rodrigo, known for her work in Conceptual Art. With exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Sweden, and more, Rodrigo has showcased her talent in solo and group shows, including the notable 11th International Festival of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Ranked among the Top 1,000,000 globally and the Top 10,000 in Spain, Rodrigo's career has seen steady growth, with her best rank achieved in 2024. Explore her unique artistic journey and evolving success in the art world throughout the years.

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