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“Szene im Wald – Akte in der Waldlichtung”

“Szene im Wald – Akte in der Waldlichtung”


“Szene im Wald – Akte in der Waldlichtung”, lithograph on copperplate paper, Dube L 153, 27,6 x 34 auf 40 x 53,7 cm


Discover the modern artist Erich Heckel, known for his association with Expressionism and the Berlin Secession movement. With over a century of exhibitions and a presence in 65 museum collections worldwide, Heckel's work has garnered international acclaim. Ranked among the Top 1,000 globally and the Top 100 in Germany, his legacy continues to grow, with a notable spike in recognition in 1913. Explore Heckel's career from his first exhibition in 1906 to his most recent showcase in 2023, tracing his artistic journey through the vibrant world of modern art.

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