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Un Jardin d’Hiver (detail)

Un Jardin d’Hiver (detail)


Installation with 36 ‘Kentya’ palms, 6 black-and-white photographs of 19th c. engravings, 16 folding chairs, 2 vitrines with 16 original 19th c. engravings and catalogues, 1 red sisal rug rolled, 1 monitor with camera on pedestal
Maximum room size: 900 x 1400 cm / 354 3/8 x 551 1/8 in


As an art enthusiast, you may have come across the name Marcel Broodthaers and wondered about the story behind this enigmatic Belgian artist. From poet to conceptual artist, his winding creative journey was one of constant evolution and reinvention. His works incorporated found objects and written text, often with a touch of satire or social commentary.Broodthaers was associated with the conceptual art movement, though his style was distinctly his own.

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