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Sheet metal, wire, and paint
127 x 154.4 cm / 50 x 60 3/4 in

Photo Courtesy of: Calder Foundation, New York / Art Resource, New York Artist Copyright: © Calder Foundation, New York / 2015, ProLitteris, Zurich


As an art enthusiast, you may be familiar with the innovative mobiles and stabiles of Alexander Calder, one of the most renowned sculptors of the 20th century. Calder's creative genius and prolific body of work spanning over five decades have cemented his status as a pioneer of modern art. 

Calder's natural talents were evident from an early age. His early success as an illustrator and toy designer gave way to a focus on sculpture as he explored wire, wood, and sheet metal to craft graceful, whimsical forms that seemed to defy gravity. Calder's introduction of motion and balance into sculpture was groundbreaking and led to acclaim in both the US and Europe. 

His whimsical yet thought-provoking mobiles and stabiles have brought joy and insight to countless worldwide viewers. Though Calder passed away in 1976 at the age of 78, his imaginative works continue to inspire wonder and push the boundaries of contemporary art. Calder’s profound and timeless contributions to sculpture ensure that his creative spirit lives on.

Follow his inspiring life journey from Pennsylvania to Paris to Connecticut, and the evolution of his signature style, in this comprehensive biography of the man who brought art into motion.

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