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Movement: Mülheimer Freiheit

Discover the vibrant and innovative art of contemporary German artist Peter Bömmels, known for his association with Junge Wilde/Neue Wilde and the Mülheimer Freiheit movement. With over 42 years of exhibitions, including shows in Germany, the United States, Japan, and more, Bömmels has established himself as a prominent figure in…
Discover the unique and vibrant art of contemporary artist Walter Dahn, a prominent figure in the Junge Wilde/Neue Wilde movement. Born in Germany in 1954, Dahn has a rich history of exhibitions around the world, with over 40 solo shows and numerous group shows. His work can be found in…
Discover the unique and captivating art of Jiri Dokoupil, a contemporary artist associated with Junge Wilde/Neue Wilde, Mülheimer Freiheit. Born in Czechia in 1954, Dokoupil has been featured in numerous prestigious exhibitions and art fairs around the world, with his work displayed in museum collections in Vienna and Karlsruhe. Ranked…



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