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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It is the story of how Justin Blau became 3LAU and emerged as a leader of the crypto art movement. Beginning in the early 2010s, his passion for music production and electronic sounds led 3LAU to create and perform his tracks. 3LAU built a grassroots following by giving away free music and engaging fans on social media. 

3LAU has had a fascinating journey to becoming a pioneer in crypto art. Justin Blau was always destined for greatness, from making music in his college dorm to selling out massive shows and festivals. His passion for innovation and pushing creative boundaries led him to explore NFTs before most people had heard of them. 

Now a leader in the space, 3LAU continues to leverage new technologies to build deeper connections between artists and fans. His story is an inspiration, proving that anyone can reach to his goals with hard work, persistence, and a vision for the future. Though the path is rarely straightforward, trust your abilities and continue moving forward. The world needs more creative thinkers willing to take risks to pursue progress. If 3LAU's meteoric rise has shown us anything, you have the power to shape the future if you dare to try.


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Early Life and Musical Influences

Born in 1991, Blau grew up in a musical household in Syracuse, New York. His audiophile father exposed him to legends like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. At age 12, Blau began studying guitar and piano, teaching himself to play by ear.

In high school, Blau's tastes evolved to include electronic music. He became fascinated with trance, house, and dubstep artists like Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, and Skrillex. Blau started creating mashups and remixes, uploading them to YouTube and SoundCloud.

While studying at Washington University, Blau continued producing EDM tracks and DJing at fraternity parties. He chose the moniker 3LAU, a nod to his fraternity's motto. After college, 3LAU pursued music full-time, relocating to Las Vegas in 2015.

Through dedication and talent, 3LAU has become an acclaimed EDM artist and pioneer in crypto art. His early influences, from classic rock to electronic music innovators, shaped his eclectic sound and lifelong passion for creating. 3LAU's ability to adapt to new technologies and push creative boundaries establishes him as an artist to watch. Whatever comes next, his fans eagerly await the future of 3LAU.

What is 3LAU known for?

Image Credit: Creative Armenia

Justin Blau, known professionally as 3LAU, is an American DJ, electronic dance music producer, and pioneering NFT artist. His musical journey began at a young age, influenced by his father's love of classic rock.

3LAU's vision and forward-thinking nature have established him as a pioneer in music and technology. His ambition, creativity, and aptitude for identifying future trends will fuel his continued evolution as an artist. 3LAU is poised to shape how music is created, experienced, and distributed.

Career highlights

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Breaking Through on the EDM Scene

An artist needs talent, dedication, and opportunity to break through in the competitive electronic dance music (EDM) scene. 3LAU possessed all three.

Developing His Sound

Justin Blau, known by his stage name 3LAU, began producing EDM tracks as a hobby while studying finance. He spent hours honing his craft, developing a signature futuristic sound with heavy synth bass and electronic beats. Blau's early tracks incorporated popular EDM styles like progressive house, electro-house, and trap music.

Gaining Exposure


“We Found Love”

Blau's first breakthrough came when his remix of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” gained popularity on YouTube and SoundCloud. The track received over 5 million plays and earned Blau representation with the music management company AM Only

Releasing Original Music

In 2013, Blau left school to focus on his music full-time. He moved to Los Angeles and released his first song:

  • 'How You Love Me

Through talent, perseverance, and the support of fans and collaborators, Blau achieved his goal of becoming a leader in the EDM scene. His innovative sound and captivating live shows have made him a star in the electronic music world.

Pivoting to NFTs and Cryptoart

Justin Blau, known professionally as 3LAU, is an American DJ, electronic music producer, and crypto artist. In 2021, 3LAU pivoted into creating and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital assets with blockchain-based ownership. His first NFT drop generated over $11.7 million in sales, demonstrating the massive potential of crypto art and digital collectibles.

From EDM to NFTs

Early in his career, 3LAU gained notoriety as an electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ, releasing remixes of popular songs and performing at major music festivals. While successful, the EDM scene's revenue models could have been improved. 3LAU began exploring blockchain technology and new ways for artists to connect with fans while generating income.

3LAU List of Work

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The Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection


It included 33 NFTs featuring unique songs, art, and rewards like zoom calls with 3LAU. The limited nature of NFTs created urgency among fans and collectors. The auction for a one-of-a-kind custom song NFT hit $3.6 million, demonstrating the power of scarce digital collectibles and 3LAU’s status as an NFT leader.


The success of Genesis established 3LAU as a pioneer of crypto art and digital collectibles. It showcased the potential for NFTs to transform how musicians, artists, and creators connect with fans and generate revenue. 3LAU continues to push the boundaries of crypto art and blockchain technology, cementing his status as an innovator in the growing NFT space. Through future drops, 3LAU will likely continue providing unique experiences for fans and insights into the burgeoning world of NFTs.

Notable NFT Projects and Partnerships

3LAU has partnered with prominent NFT marketplaces and brands. In April 2021, he released an NFT in collaboration with Nifty Gateway, one of the leading NFT platforms. The one-of-a-kind NFT sold for $3.6 million, making it the second-highest price ever paid for an NFT at the time. 3LAU has also worked with AI safety startup Anthropic to generate AI-created NFTs. 

Additionally, 3LAU teamed up with clothing brand Zumiez to give away NFTs to customers who spent over $100. These significant partnerships and collaborations have exposed 3LAU's NFT work to wider audiences, demonstrating his role as an innovator merging music, technology, and crypto art.

Some notable projects include:

Punk Right Now


Miss me more




Game Time




Is It Love



The Future and Continued Evolution of 3LAU

As an early innovator in crypto art and NFTs, 3LAU has established itself as a leader in this emerging space. His continued experimentation and push into uncharted territory point to an exciting future at the intersection of music, art, and blockchain technology.

Pushing Creative Boundaries

3LAU will likely continue expanding into new mediums and partnerships. He has collaborated with digital artists to create unique audio-visual experiences and has experimented with augmented and virtual reality. These new creative avenues allow 3LAU to transform how fans experience and interact with music.

Advancing the Cryptoart Movement

As a pioneer in crypto art, 3LAU is well-positioned to shape this movement and advocate for other artists. He promotes crypto art's potential to give creators more control and ownership over their work. 3LAU may use its platform to highlight other NFT artists, bring them into collaborations, and push for mainstream understanding and adoption of crypto art. His leadership and passion for innovation can drive the growth of crypto art as an artistic medium.

Growing Musical Ambitions

While 3LAU built his career as a DJ and electronic music producer, his musical interests extend into pop, hip-hop, and film scoring. He desires to write for other artists and work on movie soundtracks. 3LAU may continue developing his vocal, songwriting, and production skills to expand into these new genres and mediums. His evolution as an artist could transform him into a multifaceted musical creator and open up more commercial opportunities.

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