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Artist, NFT Artist

ASTONAUTS NFT by MemoriesForArt X TON by Telegram

ASTONAUTS presents a collection of 4,444 unique profile picture NFTs on TON blockchain.

Drop will started on the 5th of April on

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity and get yours first!

The name "ASTONAUTS" represents feeling "outer space,"...

…reflecting our identity as creators with unique perspectives, sometimes misunderstood. It shows our commitment to pioneering art and tech, while honing the concept of free speech. Also, it taps into current world and crypto trends like Al robots, Aliens, and Shiba Inu dogs.


Digital Artist, NFT Artist,

Professional photographer and MoMA Artist who gained global recognition for his extreme long exposure photo art with self built cameras.


Media Brand, Art Platform & Artist Accelerator

Visionary Media Brand and Fine-Art & NFT Accelerator passionated about Artists, Artworks, and their Stories. Let’s make Art together!


The ASTONAUTS Collection - Where every Piece tells a story...

Step into the future of digital ownership with the “ASTONAUTS” project! Dive into a universe of 4444 unique NFTs, each crafted to perfection with exclusive traits and rarity levels tailored to elevate your experience.

Experience the thrill of owning a piece of digital history as you explore our diverse collection spanning various categories. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the NFT world, “ASTONAUTS” offers something for everyone.

Join our vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts and embark on a journey where innovation meets creativity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your place in the digital frontier with “ASTONAUTS.” Start your collection today and witness the future unfold before your eyes!

Frequent Questions about ASTONAUTS

Most of the ASTONAUTS are humans. 

  1. Beardles
  2. Liams

The non-humans are rarer. There are 4 Types of non-humans:

  1. Monkeys
  2. Shiba Dogs
  3. Aliens
  4. AI Robots

AI Robots are rarest. Aliens and Shiba Dogs are also quite rare. There are rare traits as well, including helmets, chains, Sportive clothing, and more.

No. Each of the 4,444 ASTONAUTS is unique and there are no additional 1/1s

The name “ASTONAUTS” represents feeling “outer space,” reflecting our identity as creators with unique perspectives, sometimes misunderstood. It shows our commitment to pioneering art and tech, while honing the concept of free speech. Also, it taps into current world and crypto trends like Al robots, Aliens, and Shiba Inu dogs

ASTONAUTS first appeared on Twitter on March 26th 2024. (watch out for fakes)

Frequent other Questions

Purchasing is straightforward. Click on the artwork you want, follow the instructions of our partners website like in any webshop, and make the transaction. Their Marketplace accepts credit card payments, so handling cryptocurrency is optional. For auctioned NFTs, simply place a bid.

Ownership is established through a non-fungible token (NFT), a digital certificate on the blockchain. It includes provenance, history, and all activities related to the digital asset. The blockchain ensures public visibility and immutability, preventing forgery.

If you own an NFT, resale is possible through marketplaces like or other open platforms with public listings. Reselling incurs fees, including platform fees (usually 2.5 to 5%) and artist royalties (typically 2.5 to 10%).

Yes, it will eventually be possible. Web3 frames like Museframes are designed to display digital artworks. We’ve partnered with them to enable the display of our aging artworks on their frames soon.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique cryptographic certificates of authenticity linked to digital files (e.g., pictures, music, videos) stored on a blockchain. The blockchain ensures the highest security and unalterable transactions, making NFTs unique and irreplicable. The smart contract within NFTs tracks ownership and copyright securely.

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions where individual records (blocks) are linked in a chain. Validated by a network of computers, each transaction is securely added to the blockchain. The decentralized nature of blockchain prevents manipulation, ensuring the permanence of records. It is a secure way to handle digital assets online, like cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

You can purchase these NFTs on our partner platform on This platform is a prominent marketplace for NFTs on the TON Blockchain where you can explore and acquire pieces from the “ASTONAUTS” collection designed by MemoriesForArt. 

To buy an ASTONAUTS NFT, follow these concise steps:

  1. Digital Wallet Setup: First, set up a digital wallet that supports TON, such as TON Wallet, and add TOn Coin (TON) to your wallet for transactions. 

  2. Connect Wallet to getgems: Visit and connect your wallet by clicking the wallet icon.

  3. Find the NFT: Search for “ASTONAUTS” using the platform’s search feature.

  4. Purchase: Choose to buy the NFT at its listed price. Confirm and complete the transaction in your wallet, including the payment and gas fees.

  5. Transaction Completion: Once confirmed, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet and appear in your getgems profile.

Remember, transaction costs include the price of the NFT and TON network fees. Always ensure you’re on the genuine getgems site to avoid scams.

You can pay with a credit card or crypto through your TON wallet. 

MemoriesForArt X MuseFrame - Buy your Frame now

Muse Frame

The Muse Frame represents a sophisticated smart frame boasting a 2K screen resolution, integrated HD speakers, and a patented anti-glare matte art screen. Weighing 9.4 kilograms, it comes with a 180-degree rotatable mount for convenient adjustment to display both horizontal and portrait artwork.



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