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Doug Jones

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Table of Contents


Doug Jones
Image Credit: Artist in Jackson

Doug Jones is a contemporary artist whose groundbreaking work transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Born in the heart of creativity, Jones hails from Detroit, Michigan. 

His artistic journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to community engagement, diversity, and the transformative power of art.

His innovative approach invites people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to participate in creating large-scale murals, promoting diversity, cultural exchange, and the transformative power of inclusive art.

What is Doug Jones known for?

Doug Jones
Image Credit: Invaluable

Doug Jones is renowned for his groundbreaking 'Pixel' and 'Stencil' techniques that redefine art as a communal endeavour.

Career highlights

Doug Jones
Image Credit: Doug Jones

Pixel Technique: Redefining Art as a Community Endeavor

In 2017, Doug Jones introduced his innovative 'Pixel' technique, revolutionizing how we perceive and create art. More than just a technique, it's a movement, a communal endeavor. 

Doug's 'Pixel' art invites people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to become part of the artistic process, forging connections and nurturing cultural exchange.

This all-inclusive approach isn't limited by location, language, or prior experience. It's art for everyone, by everyone. Jones's 'Pixel' technique isn't confined to galleries; it's a community-building project with profound social impact.

Jones's journey with the 'Pixel' technique began by educating students in Michigan about the artistic legacies of icons like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Kadir Nelson, and Auguste Renoir. These early initiatives set the stage for larger, more transformative projects.

The 8' x 12' pointillist reproduction of Rivera's Detroit Industry murals 2014 exemplifies Doug's commitment to cultural preservation. It helped raise awareness about Detroit's rich artistic heritage, intellectual diversity, and the city's resilience during difficult times.

High school Spanish students embarked on a voyage into the world of Frida Kahlo in 2014, painting self-portraits in homage to the legendary artist. Foster care children found inspiration in Kadir Nelson's work in 2015, a powerful symbol of resilience and the human spirit.

In 2016, Doug's art therapy extended its healing touch to those suffering from various conditions, including dementia, through an Auguste Renoir project.

The Art of Inclusion: Uniting Communities Through Art

Doug's 'Pixel' technique has since blossomed into a series of community-driven projects that defy traditional boundaries. From the University of Michigan Library System to the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital, Doug's art has left an indelible mark, showcasing the power of collective creativity.

The heartwarming 'Handprints' project at Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital saw 800+ people, including cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers, leave their mark on 19 large-scale works.

The journey doesn't stop here. Current projects like the 'Expansive Landscapes Monument PIXEL Project' at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and the 'Rose Triquetra PIXEL Project' at the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion South Lobby continue to inspire, engage, and unite communities.

Equitable Art: An Inclusive Vision

For Doug Jones, equitable art is more than a concept; it's a philosophy. It's about acknowledging and valuing every participant in the artistic process. It's about ensuring that art pays everyone involved. This commitment to equity extends to responsible supply chains for art materials and even interactive digital billboards that broadcast participants' names.

Doug's equitable art isn't just about paint and canvas; it's about experiences and acknowledgment. His art mirrors his belief in the power of inclusive, pro-social activities to transform lives.

Stencil Technique: The Art of Inclusivity

Doug's 'Stencil' technique resembles the 'Pixel' approach, emphasizing inclusivity. Like 'Pixel,' it welcomes people of all backgrounds and skill levels to join in creating large-scale murals. Painted shapes come together to form intricate patterns, transcending language barriers.

In 2019, Doug completed '14,000 Dots,' a 3,000 sq. ft. mural in Detroit, demonstrating the magic of his 'Stencil' technique. Eighty different colors, each meticulously applied in 4" dots, coalesce into two separate gradients, a testament to Doug Jones's unwavering dedication to making art accessible to all.

Doug Jones List of Work

Doug Jones
Image Credit: Doug Jones

Doug Jones: A Gallery of Transformation Through Art

Doug Jones weaves his magic through various mediums. His artistic journey is a mesmerizing gallery of installations transforming spaces and communities. 

Let's take a stroll through his creative world.

  1. "Through Each Season Monument" (2023)

Location: HFMH Janet & Jim Riehl North Tower PIXEL Project

A monumental masterpiece that immerses viewers in the essence of changing seasons.

  1. "Interconnected: An SLC PIXEL Project" (2022)

Location: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

An exploration of interconnectedness through pixels, provoking thought and wonder.

  1. "This is Michigan" Feature (2022)

Showcasing Michigan's vibrant artistic spirit through Jones' lens.

  1. Graduate Degree Exhibition (2022)

Location: Cranbrook Art Museum

A display of artistic prowess and innovation.

  1. "Space as Surface" (2022)

Location: The Saarinen House

A homage to Loja Saarinen's vision, seamlessly blending art and space.

  1. "Ancestor | Posterity Native Plant Butterfly Garden" (2021)

A collaborative project with Flint-based artist Errin Whitaker, breathing life into native plants and community bonds.

  1. "Joutsen, Double-Consciousness and the Veil" (2021)

A reimagining of historical spaces, encouraging reflection.

  1. "Dr. Jean Watson Science of Caring Lotus Blossom PIXEL Project" (2021)

Location: Henry Ford Macomb Hospital Unit 4300

A project merging science and art to heal and inspire.

  1. "Connect the Dots PIXEL Project: Collective Interpretations of the U-M Library Collections" (2020)

A digital exhibit exploring the University of Michigan's vast library collections.

  1. "MIDDLE CHILD | Visions of Detroit" (2020)

Location: Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

A visual journey through the heart and soul of Detroit.

  1. "University of Michigan Ross School of Business Erb Institute Twitter Takeover" (2020)

Bridging business and art through a social media takeover.

  1. "Design Detroit 139 Biennial" (2019)

Location: Multiple

A city-wide celebration of creativity.

  1. "Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Connect the Dots" (2019)

An exploration of U-M Library collections through art.

  1. "In Our Hands" (2019)

Location: Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital

A tapestry of inspiration spanning two counties.

  1. "14,000 Dots/Detroit Dot Gradient" (2019)

Location: City of Detroit

A mesmerizing display of thousands of dots painting the Detroit story.

  1. "Connect the Dots PIXEL Project: Collective Interpretations of the U-M Library Collections" (2018-2019)

Bridging art and knowledge in the heart of academia.

  1. "Am I Next?" (2018)

Location: Ohio State University Football Stadium Band Center

A thought-provoking masterpiece questioning the future.

  1. "Women of Ypsilanti" (2017)

Location: City of Ypsilanti

A tribute to the strength and resilience of women in the community.

  1. "For the Good of My People" (2016)

Location: City of Ypsilanti

A mural echoing the spirit of unity and community growth.

  1. "We Build Together" (2015)

Location: Multiple school districts in Michigan

Fostering creativity and togetherness in young minds.

Doug Jones' art is a tapestry of transformation, weaving stories and connecting communities. Each installation is a brushstroke in his masterpiece of change and inspiration.

Materials for Creative Alchemy

Doug Jones' creative alchemy spans various mediums and spaces, from public and private gardens to expansive interior and exterior installations. His toolkit includes an array of materials like paint, ink, photography, and collage. 

Jones prioritizes sourcing materials locally, aligning with his commitment to community and sustainability. His preferred vendors, ranging from Keep Growing Detroit to Casler Hardware, reflect this dedication to supporting local businesses and communities while crafting his vibrant and inclusive art.

Doug Jones's commitment to equity, diversity, and community engagement is an inspiration to artists and art lovers alike. In Doug Jones's world, art is a canvas where everyone's story can be painted, celebrated, and valued.

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