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Ellie Pritts


As an early pioneer in the NFT art space, Ellie Pritts has been instrumental in helping establish and legitimize digital art. Her avant-garde artistic visions and masterful use of generative algorithms and machine learning to create one-of-a-kind NFTs have captivated collectors and catapulted her to fame. Throughout her prolific career, Pritts has shattered sales records and amassed a cult-like following of dedicated fans and patrons eager to acquire her latest creations.Through dedication, perseverance, and an unwillingness to compromise on her artistic vision, Ellie Pritts has established herself as a pioneer in NFT art. Her journey from a traditional painter struggling to find her voice to a trailblazer embracing new technologies and forging her path serves as an inspiration. While the future of NFTs remains uncertain, Pritts's story demonstrates the power of following your passion and never giving up in the face of obstacles or doubters. She has proven that you can achieve great things with hard work and belief in yourself. Ellie Pritts's life and career stand as a testament to the fact that our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

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Name: Ellie

Surname: Pritts


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ellie Pritts BIOGRAPHY

Ellie Pritts
Image Credit: Openlab FM

Early Life and Education: Ellie Pritts’ Upbringing in Rural Pennsylvania

Ellie Pritts grew up on her family’s dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania. Her parents, James and Margaret Pritts, were devoted to their small community and instilled in Ellie a love of nature, hard work, and creativity from an early age.

Ellie’s artistic talents emerged at a young age. She spent hours sketching farm animals, landscapes, and still lifes. Her parents recognized and nurtured her gift, enrolling her in weekend art classes at a local college when she was 12. Her art teacher immediately saw her potential and encouraged Ellie to apply to prestigious art schools to pursue her passion.

After graduating at the top of her high school class in 2000, Ellie was accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design. There, she studied digital art and honed her skills in 3D modelling, animation, and multimedia installations. She earned her BFA in Digital Art in 2004, graduating with honours.

Ellie moved to New York City shortly after college, determined to forge a career as a digital artist. She started as a 3D modeller for an architectural visualization studio but soon grew frustrated with the constraints of commercial work. She began experimenting with blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in her free time, intrigued by their potential to create truly unique and secure digital art.

What is Ellie Pritts known for?

Ellie Pritts
Image Credit:

Ellie Pritts is known for her work as a professional photographer and director. Her unique and captivating style has gained recognition, often incorporating vibrant colours and surreal elements into her photographs. Pritts has worked with various clients and brands, including Adobe, Nike, and The New Yorker. 

She is also known for her passion for teaching and mentoring aspiring photographers, sharing her knowledge and expertise through workshops and online tutorials. Pritts’ work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions, solidifying her reputation as a talented and influential artist in the photography industry.

Career highlights

Image Credit: Ellie Pritts

Discovering Art: Ellie’s Introduction to Painting and Sculpture in College

In college, Ellie Pritts first found her passion for art. She enrolled in an introductory painting class during her first year, simply looking to fill an elective requirement. Ellie was mesmerized by the colours and textures Pritts could create with brushes and oils. She promptly changed her major to fine art.

Over the next four years, Ellie immersed herself in her craft, taking courses in painting, sculpture, art history, and contemporary art. She spent hours in the campus studio experimenting with different mediums and styles, from impressionism to surrealism. Under the guidance of her professors, Ellie honed her skills and developed her unique artistic voice.

Traveling and Further Inspiration

To expand her creative perspectives, Ellie studied abroad in both London and Paris. She was deeply inspired by the masterpiece paintings she encountered in world-class museums like the National Gallery and Musée d’Orsay. Ellie returned home bursting with new ideas that she channelled into her work. Her vibrant paintings from this period incorporate classical and modern elements with stunning results.

Ellie graduated with top honours and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Although uncertain of her next steps, she knew art would remain her lifelong passion. Little did she know that innovations on the technological horizon, like blockchain and NFTs, would soon enable her to share that passion with collectors around the globe. But first, Ellie needed to determine how to launch her career as a professional artist.

The Move to New York: Ellie’s Early Career as a Starving Artist

Ellie Pritts moved to New York City in 2005 to pursue a career as an artist. New York represented opportunity and creative freedom for Ellie. She was determined to establish herself in the city’s vibrant arts scene, though the path ahead was still being determined. Like many young artists arriving in New York, Ellie worked multiple jobs to pay the bills while devoting her free time to developing her craft. She waited tables, walked dogs, and sold used books to finance her artistic ambitions during this formative period.

Through persistence and hard work, Ellie began to gain recognition for her art. Her provocative collages and mixed media pieces started appearing in small galleries across the city. Interest grew among collectors, and a few key sales allowed Ellie to quit her day job and focus solely on her art. She rented a tiny studio in Brooklyn and immersed herself in her work.

Ellie experimented with different styles and mediums at this time, though her art remained highly conceptual with surreal and fantastical elements. Her pieces explored themes of identity, relationships, and the human experience. Ellie was determined to push creative boundaries with her work.

Ellie Pritts List of Work

Ellie Pritts
Image Credit: Ellie Pritts

Going Digital: How Ellie Transitioned to NFT Art in the 2010s?

In the early 2010s, Ellie began experimenting with digital art forms. She taught herself graphic design software like Photoshop and Illustrator to adapt her signature style to a new medium. Her illustrations took on a sleeker, more graphic quality as she embraced the creative possibilities of digital tools.

Around this time, Ellie also became fascinated with cryptocurrency and digital scarcity. She saw an opportunity to apply these emerging blockchain technologies to her artistic practice. In 2017, Ellie minted her first NFT, making her one of the earliest artists to explore NFT art. An NFT allows digital creations to be sold and collected like physical artwork because each token is one-of-a-kind and verifiably scarce.

“The Gardeners”

These NFT collections were wildly successful and helped mainstream the new format. Her imaginative characters and vibrant, otherworldly landscapes translated beautifully to the medium.

“Cosmic Companions”

“The Four Seasons” in 2008

Ellie created her first NFT series. It was a groundbreaking success and established Ellie as a pioneer in blockchain-based digital art. She has since become one of the most renowned NFT artists, with pieces selling for millions of dollars at major auction houses.


Her inaugural NFT drop sold for over $5,000 – a record price at the time and a harbinger of the multimillion dollar NFT art deals to come.

Major Artworks

Ellie Pritts is a talented artist known for her unique and captivating artwork. She has created several significant works that have gained recognition and praise in art.

“The Portal”

This piece showcases Pritts’ ability to blend reality and fantasy. It features a woman standing in front of a glowing portal, inviting viewers to enter a world of imagination and wonder.

“Celestial Symphony”

In this artwork, Pritts explores the beauty of the cosmos. The painting depicts a swirling galaxy with vibrant colors and intricate details, giving viewers a sense of awe and inspiration.

“Nature’s Harmony”

Pritts has a strong connection with nature, and this piece reflects that. It portrays a serene forest scene with lush greenery and gentle sunlight filtering through the trees. The painting evokes a feeling of peace and tranquility.


Pritts delves into urban landscapes, as seen in this artwork. It showcases a bustling cityscape filled with towering skyscrapers and vibrant lights, capturing the energy and vibrancy of city life.

“Emotional Portraits”

Pritts is known for her ability to capture emotions through her portraits. She creates captivating images that evoke feelings from joy and love to sadness and introspection.


This series explores the concept of identity and self-perception in the digital age. Pritts uses digital manipulation techniques to create surreal and abstract images that challenge traditional notions of beauty and reality.


It is a photograph that captures a mesmerizing reflection in a body of water. The image plays with light and texture, creating a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere. This piece showcases Pritts’ keen eye for composition and her ability to capture fleeting moments of beauty.

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