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Name: Victor

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Table of Contents

Fewocious, whose real name is Victor Langlois, is a young and talented digital artist known for his distinctive and vibrant art style. Born on October 15, 2002, Fewocious has quickly risen to prominence in the art world, particularly within the realm of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).


Image Credit: Esquire

Early Life

Fewocious, whose real name is Victor Langlois, is currently 18 years old. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, he now resides in Seattle, United States. His upbringing was marked by challenges, prompting him to seek refuge with his grandparents at the age of 12 due to an abusive household environment.

His Early Creative Ventures

At just 13 years old, Fewocious ventured into the creative world by designing Minecraft thumbnails and selling them for profit. This endeavor not only honed his skills but also introduced him to the realm of digital art and design. Through this process, he gained proficiency in various computer programs, including Photoshop.

Is Fewocious a guy or a girl?

Fewocious is a transgender individual who has used art as a powerful means of self-expression. Growing up as a transgender person, he harnessed his artistic talents to convey his emotions and experiences. 

Art became his outlet for communicating his struggles, inspiring him to create art that resonates deeply with audiences.

What is Fewocious known for?

Image Credit: Artazine

Fewocious is known for his vibrant and imaginative digital artworks that often feature unique characters and captivating emotions. His art resonates with a wide audience due to its powerful and relatable themes, making him a standout artist in the digital and NFT art landscape.

Career highlights

Image Credit: De Crypt

Fewocious gained attention at an early age for his ability to convey emotions and expressions through his digital artworks. He has become a significant figure in the NFT community, leveraging his unique style to create captivating and memorable pieces of art that resonate with a global audience.

Introduction to NFTs

In March 2020, FEWOCiOUS took a significant step in his artistic career by selling one of his digital artworks as an NFT on SuperRare. This marked his entry into the world of NFTs, which opened up new opportunities for showcasing and monetizing his creations.

Auction Hype and Popularity

FEWOCiOUS's popularity reached new heights when his NFTs were auctioned on Christie's website. The demand was so overwhelming that it caused the website to crash, underscoring the immense interest and anticipation surrounding his artworks.

As an accomplished artist, FEWOCiOUS continues to push boundaries, challenge norms, and connect with audiences through his expressive and resonant digital creations. His journey exemplifies the power of art as a medium for personal expression and social impact within the digital age.

Artistic Success and Contributions

FEWOCiOUS has achieved remarkable success in a short span. Despite his young age, he has sold over 3,000 artworks with a combined value of approximately $22 million. 

Notably, his NFT collection fetched over $2 million at an auction hosted by Christie's, solidifying his position as one of the top-selling NFT artists globally.

Fewocious List of Work

Image Credit: De Crypt

 A Glimpse into Fewocious' Creations

Fewocious has created a diverse portfolio of digital artworks that showcase his creativity and versatility. His pieces often feature colorful characters and imaginative scenes, demonstrating his prowess in digital artistry.

His masterpieces provide a unique window into emotions and life experiences, drawing the audience into his imaginative world. Some of his notable creations include:

  • Year 6, Age 19 – Growing Pains

Price: $252,000 (210 ETH)

  • Bowie

Price: $127,707 (96.529 ETH)

  • Kiss Me Before You Leave

Price: $64,066.00 (35 ETH)

  • I Dont Know Who I Am

Price: $44,472.00 (25.5 ETH)

  • Hurt Feelings

Price: $8,478.00 (25.3 ETH)

  • Parrodious Jonathewo

Last Sold: $55,555.00 (22.15 ETH)

Original Listing: $44,444

Editions: 15

  • Bittersweet

Artists: FEWOCiOUS | Jonathan Wolfe

Price: $52,657.88 (22.5 ETH)

  • Over-Analyzing Again

Price: $35,000 (14.955 ETH)

  • Moment I Fell In Love

Price: $25,000.00 (10.682 ETH)

  • i don’t know how to feel right now

Last Sold: $75,000.00 (29.90 ETH)

Original Listing: $500

Editions: 10

  • It’s Easier To Get Lost When You’re Lonely

Price: $3,183.00 (9.5 ETH)

  • Nice to meet you, I’m Mr. MiSUNDERSTOOD

Price: $2,857,702 (654 ETH)

  • Year 5, Age 18 – I Taught Myself How To Fly

Price: $437,000 (186.07 ETH)

  • Year 4, Age 17 – His Name Is Victor

Price: $437,000 (186.07 ETH)

  • Year 3, Age 16 – When A Child Feels Lost

Price: $437,000 (186.07 ETH)

  • Year 2, Age 15 – My Mama’s Dream

Price: $437,000 (186.07 ETH)

  • Year 1, Age 14 – It Hurts To Hide

Price: $437,000 (186.07 ETH)

  • The EverLasting Beautiful

Price: $550,000.00 (227.42 ETH)

  • Overthinking Again

Price: $345,150.00 (195 ETH)

  • Afraid To Be Myself

Last Sold: $250,000.00 (103.373 ETH)

Original Listing: $5,524

Editions: 5

  • A Peak In My Head

Price: $158,888.00 (65.699 ETH)

  • Crowded City

Price: $150,000.00 (64.387 ETH)

  • The Sailor

Price: $80,311.00 (46 ETH)


Price: $88,888.88 (36.755 ETH)

  • NYC Skyline

Price: $85,000.00 (36.456 ETH)

  • The Modern Prometheus

Price: $20,864.00 (35 ETH)

  • SuperRare World

Price: $67,571.00 (35 ETH)

Fewocious captivating pieces traverse a spectrum of emotions and experiences, providing a raw and honest insight into the artist's world. His art is a reflection of his journey, resonating with audiences worldwide.

Why is Fewocious Famous?

Fewocious is renowned for his digital art and painting expertise. His NFT sales exceeding $50 million from 2020 to 2022 have solidified his prominence in the NFT realm, establishing him as a standout figure in the art world.

Fewocious Achievements and Contributions

Fewocious's art serves as snapshots of his memories and a mirror into his heart, embodying his passion for creation and vibrant emotions.

  • Record-Breaking Auctions: In June 2021, his Christie's auction during "Pride Month" garnered $2.16 million. Collaborating with RTFKT, he generated $3 million in seven minutes, merging fashion and gaming.

  • Collaborations and Projects: Collaborative projects like "Fabricated Fairytales" showcased his versatile skills and innovative ideas alongside peers.

  • FEWOWORLD Ventures: His FEWOWORLD "paint drop" on Nifty Gateway amassed $20 million in a 24-hour public sale, becoming the third-highest NFT auction ever.

  • Sotheby's Feature: Sotheby's auctioned his first life-sized physical sculpture, marking the launch of FEWOWORLD metaverse fashion and character drop, sold at $2.85 million.

  • Influential NFT Artist: With nearly $50 million in sales, FEWOCiOUS has become a prominent NFT artist, asserting his influence on contemporary art and the digital realm.

Famous Artwork by Fewocious

One of Fewocious's notable artworks is "Timeless," which captures his signature style of vibrant colors and emotive characters. This piece exemplifies his ability to evoke feelings and connections through digital art.

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What could a NFT Story of Fewocious sound like?

A potential NFT story of Fewocious could chronicle his journey from a young and aspiring artist to a prominent figure in the NFT world. It would highlight his unique style, the evolution of his art, and his impact on the digital art landscape.

What could a NFT collection of Fewocious look like?

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