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José Delbo

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José Delbo
Image Credit: WBP Magazine

José Delbo is an Argentine comics artist best known for his work on iconic comic book series such as Wonder Woman for DC Comics and The Transformers for Marvel Comics.

He began his professional comics career at a young age and left a significant mark on the industry.

His artistic talent and dedication have made him a respected figure in the comic book community.

What is José Delbo known for?

José Delbo is renowned for his contributions to the world of comics, particularly his work on Wonder Woman and The Transformers.

José Delbo
Image Credit: Coin Telegraph

Career highlights

José Delbo
Image Credit: WBP Magazine

José Delbo, an Argentinian-born artist, embarked on his illustrious career at the astonishing age of 16. His early artistic influences were drawn from the American cowboy westerns, igniting a passion for storytelling through comics.

Delbo's journey led him to the United States, where he made his mark by contributing to classics like "Billy the Kid," "Judge Colt," and "The Lone Ranger." In the 1970s, he brought beloved television shows to life in comic book form, including "The Twilight Zone," "The Brady Bunch," "Hogan’s Heroes," "Buck Rogers," "The Monkees," and "The Mod Squad."

He created a comic biography of Dwight D. Eisenhower, published by Dell in 1969.

Throughout the 1980s, long before the modern superhero craze took over cinema screens, Delbo collaborated with major comic book publishers like DC and Marvel Comics. He lent his exceptional talent to illustrate the adventures of iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Transformers, and The Thundercats.

He contributed to DC Comics, particularly his significant run as the artist on Wonder Woman from issue #222 (Feb.–March 1976) to #286 (Dec. 1981).

Delbo's work on Wonder Woman coincided with the popularity of the Wonder Woman television series.

He also worked on Batman Family, DC Comics Presents, The Superman Family, Detective Comics, and World's Finest Comics for DC.

In 1986, Delbo joined Marvel Comics, where he worked on ThunderCats, The Transformers, and NFL SuperPro. He co-created Brute Force in 1990.

Delbo taught at The Kubert School and later at a cartoon camp program in Boca Raton, Florida. He received an Inkpot Award at the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2013.

José Delbo List of Work

José Delbo
Image Credit: Nifty Gateway

José Delbo's extensive list of work includes:

  • Wonder Woman

  • The Transformers

  • Batman Family

  • The Brady Bunch

  • Hogan's Heroes

  • The Mod Squad

  • The Monkees

  • The Twilight Zone

  • ThunderCats

  • NFL SuperPro

  • Brute Force

A Green Message and Cartoon Classics

As environmental concerns took center stage in the 1990s, Delbo's art played a pivotal role in promoting eco-consciousness. He lent his skills to titles such as "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" and "Brute Force."

Simultaneously, he continued to breathe life into beloved cartoon classics like Disney's "101 Dalmatians," "The Little Mermaid," and "The Mighty Ducks."

What are Some of the Iconic Women Created By José Delbo?

Delbo's career included illustrated comic books celebrating some of pop culture's most iconic female characters. From Raggedy Ann to Little Lulu, Barbie to Wonder Woman, he brought these beloved characters to life with his unique artistic touch.

Famous Artwork by José Delbo

  • His iconic run on Wonder Woman

José Delbo's artistic prowess found one of its most remarkable expressions in his iconic run on "Wonder Woman." 

Delbo's tenure on "Wonder Woman" coincided with the popularity of the "Wonder Woman" television series, initially set during World War II. Collaborating with writer Martin Pasko, Delbo successfully transposed the comic book series to this era

  • Contributions to The Transformers

In the mid-1980s, Delbo's distinctive artistic style graced the pages of this beloved comic series, paralleling the immense popularity of the animated TV show and toy line.

Delbo's illustrations breathed life into iconic Autobots and Decepticons, creating a visual narrative that resonated with fans of all ages. 

With Delbo's artistic touch, the Transformers became more than just a comic; it was an immersive experience for fans, contributing significantly to the enduring fascination with these shape-shifting characters.

What Notable Digital Art Piece Was Released by José Delbo in 2020?

In 2020, José Delbo released his first notable digital art piece on the blockchain, a 43-page original digital comic book titled "Death."

José Delbo's NFT Drop

José Delbo made waves in the world of NFTs with one of his most significant drops to date on April 14th, 2022, on Nifty Gateway. This thrilling event featured several pieces showcasing some of his favorite characters: Apemo, Death, and Satoshi's Legions, delighting collectors worldwide.

  • A Boring Game of Billiards

The feature piece of this remarkable drop was titled "A Boring Game of Billiards." Delbo collaborated with four ape holders to pay homage to the acclaimed piece "Hustler" by Casseus Marcelus Coolidge. 

In this artwork, Captain Apemo is depicted alongside his Doggo and newfound friends enjoying a game of billiards.

There were two versions of this piece: the colored version, beautifully colored by the talented Sarah Perryman, and the classic black and white piece featuring Delbo's original illustration. 

The colored version was released as a 10-minute open edition piece with a price of $999. Meanwhile, "A Boring Game Of Billiards - Classic" was a Ranked Auction with 10 editions available.

  • A Not So Boring Kiss

Next in the collection was "A Not So Boring Kiss," an artwork exploring a more tender side of Apemo. Inspired by the famous photograph "V-J Day in Times Square" by Alfred Eisenstaedt, this piece portrayed an ape-inspired interpretation of the iconic moment after the end of World War II between two strangers. 

Delbo's artwork captured the essence of romance in the metaverse. It was released as an open edition for $777 and had no limits per account, with the first three editions reserved.

  • When Worlds Collide

Delbo's collaboration with Apollo NFT Studios resulted in a special piece titled "When Worlds Collide." This artwork presented a memorable battle between the Legionnaires and the Defenders of FIAT, with an unexpected hero joining the fray to aid Satoshi and the Legionnaires. There were 100 available editions, limited to one piece per account. 

Collectors of this piece also received a Satoshi's Legions - Legionnaire, enabling participation in the Satoshiverse play-to-earn game that was in development.

José Delbo hinted at big plans for Captain Apemo and his collectors in the Satoshiverse, promising exciting announcements in the coming month.

  • Collectors Reward Drawing

In addition to the stunning artwork, José Delbo's "Death" made a special appearance with an exclusive free reward drawing for collectors of his pieces minted on Nifty Gateway. Titled "Death - The Rider," this edition was limited to 25 pieces. Collectors who participated had a chance to be randomly selected to win this coveted piece, with one entry per piece and each account eligible to win once.

  • The Captain Apemo Burns

As a unique reward for the Apemo Army, Delbo created five pieces that could only be redeemed by burning various prior Apemo pieces, each with its burn format.

  • The Mutant

The first piece in this series was "The Mutant." This intriguing artwork explored Apemo's backstory, highlighting how he was separated from his twin brother as a baby. Apemo's brother, found by a different group of pirates, underwent an experiment to become a more potent version of himself, giving rise to "The Mutant." 

This open burn featured a 1-for-1 format, allowing collectors to transform their Captain Apemo - Genesis into the rarer piece, "The Mutant," within a 24-hour window.

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