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Laure Prouvost

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When you encounter Laure Prouvost's art, your senses are awakened. Her multimedia conceptual pieces pull you in with a mischievous playfulness, leaving you pondering profound ideas about language, perception, and meaning. To understand this pioneering French artist, you must start at the beginning.

Laure Prouvost defies expectations and categorization. Her life and conceptual art have shattered conventions and pushed creative boundaries. While not always an easy path, her dedication to her artistic vision and willingness to take risks have resulted in a career filled with accolades, honours and global recognition. 

Prouvost inspires, demonstrating what can be achieved with the courage and perseverance to follow their passion. Her story reminds us to embrace life's uncertainties and choose the less travelled road. Therein lies the potential for a life far from ordinary.

Laure Prouvost BIOGRAPHY

Laure Prouvost
Image Credit: Wallpaper Magazine

Early Life and Education: The Formative Years of Laure Prouvost 

Laure Prouvost was born in Croix, France in 1978. She grew up surrounded by art. Her grandparents were painters, and her parents were artisans. This early exposure to art shaped her formative years and inspired her interdisciplinary approach to conceptual art.

Prouvost studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art in 2000. She went on to earn a Master of Arts from Goldsmiths College in 2002, focusing on conceptual art and film installation. During her studies, Prouvost began experimenting with film, photography and sculptural installation, crafting thought-provoking works exploring language, perception and memory themes.

After graduating, Prouvost received the Beck's Futures Prize in 2004 for her conceptual film installations, launching her career as an artist. She began exhibiting internationally, with solo shows in Paris, Berlin, New York and London. Her early works incorporated found footage, multimedia collages and site-specific installations that aimed to disorient the viewer and question prevailing assumptions about language and meaning.

Where does Laure Prouvost Live?

Laure Prouvost lives and works in Croix, France.

What is Laure Prouvost known for?

Laure Prouvost
Image Credit: Lisson Gallery

Laure Prouvost is a contemporary artist known for her immersive and multi-sensory installations. She is particularly recognized for her ability to create unique and thought-provoking experiences through a combination of video, sculpture, sound, and language. 

Prouvost often incorporates elements of storytelling and wordplay into her work, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. Her work explores themes of language, memory, and perception, and she often challenges traditional notions of storytelling and narrative. 

Career highlights

Laure Prouvost
Image Credit: Lisson Gallery

Artistic Influences and Development: Finding Her Voice as an Artist

Born in France but raised in England, Prouvost was exposed to various cultures early on. This cultural fusion is evident in her work, which combines French surrealism and English eccentricity. 

Art School and Finding Her Medium

Prouvost initially studied sculpture and installation art, earning degrees from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Goldsmiths College in London. Not in her third year of university, she began working with film and video, the mediums defining her artistic expression.

Prouvost experimented with montage, collage, and the juxtaposition of images and sounds in her early films and videos. Her first significant work was "The Artist," a short film exploring ideas of authorship and authenticity. It cemented her signature style of playfully distorting meaning through edits and mismatches.

Breakthrough and Critical Acclaim

Her conceptual installations and videos challenge your notions of narrative and question how stories are told and interpreted. 



This multi-sensory installation featured films, sculptures and painted panels in a deliberately illogical space. Reviewers praised her ability to craft a visual experience at once nonsensical and poignant.


Prouvost found her voice and emerged as a leading figure in contemporary art by forging her own unorthodox path. Her works remind us that meaning in art, like life, is often strange, slippery and wonderfully absurd.

Laure Prouvost List of Work

Laure Prouvost
Image Credit: E-Flux

Major Works and Accomplishments: Laure Prouvost's Journey to Fame

Laure Prouvost is known for her conceptual and multimedia installations that challenge traditional narratives and mediums of art. Through her work, she seeks to question how we perceive and interpret the world around us.



The work featured a fictional narrative about her grandfather, a conceptual artist, told through film, sculpture, and painted surfaces. “Wantee” demonstrated Prouvost’s ability to combine personal history, humor, and philosophical ideas in her art.


“Into All That Is Here”

This work featured in the French Pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2019. The immersive installation transformed the pavilion into a surreal teahouse adorned with painted phrases and moving images. Viewers meandered through winding passageways and half-open doors, encountering flickering films and sounds at each turn.


Career and Recognition

Prouvost's conceptual and thought-provoking works have brought her international acclaim and established her as a leading figure in contemporary art. While her installations are deeply imaginative, they also grapple with profound ideas about perception, language, and human consciousness. Through her poetic and unconventional style, Prouvost invites viewers to question their assumptions about the world and open their minds to new ways of thinking.


Max Mara Art Prize for Women


Kurt Schwitters Prize


Her first major solo museum exhibition was held at the New Museum in New York City.


She became the first female artist commissioned to create an installation for the French Pavilion in the Venice Biennale.

Themes and Styles: Understanding Laure Prouvost's Conceptual Art

As a conceptual artist, Laure Prouvost explores language, memory, and storytelling themes in her work. Her art utilizes a variety of mixed media, including film, installation, sculpture, and collage. Prouvost's art plays with the relationship between words, images, and meaning. Her work is often described as "poetic" and aims to evoke sensations and emotions through her unique use of materials and space. 

She unexpectedly combines fragments of found images, objects, and film footage, reconstructing them to create new stories and connections. Prouvost describes her approach as "trying to make visible the invisible, the unsaid, the forgotten, the misunderstood."

A signature component of Prouvost's style is her use of fictional narratives and alternative histories in her art. She creates imaginary tales and myths that become intertwined with the viewer's experience of the work. Her art installations, in particular, are meant to be spaces where these stories can unfold and come to life. The result is a dreamy, surreal quality that infuses Prouvost's creations.

Major Exhibitions

Prouvost's diverse body of work is held in significant museum collections around the world, including: 

  • Tate Modern

  • Center Pompidou

  • MoMA 

How Laure Prouvost Changed the Art World?

Prouvost's art aims to disrupt the conventional ways of thinking that dominate Western culture. Her pieces incorporate fragments of dreams, memories, and free associations that liberate the viewer from logical constraints. This rejection of linear storytelling, favouring a more dynamic and visceral experience, has been highly influential. Many contemporary artists now emulate Prouvost's experimental, dreamlike style.

Prouvost's unorthodox film approach and poetic, absurdist style have significantly impacted video art. She was a leader in expanding film beyond the constraints of narrative and realism. Prouvost instead favours a free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness form that stimulates the imagination. Her movies have paved the way for other video artists to explore more abstract, fanciful styles.

Through her rejection of conventions, Prouvost has changed how audiences experience and interpret art. She has forged a new path for creative expression that embraces open-ended meanings and the absurd. Prouvost's impact on conceptual art will endure as long as artists push the boundaries of form and storytelling. Her dreamlike, poignant works have altered our notion of what art can be. Prouvost has secured her place as a pioneer who shaped the course of contemporary art in the 21st century.

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