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Osinachi is one of the few artists who break the rules and simultaneously capture the spirit of the time. This innovative artist from Nigeria is famous for being one of the first people to use Microsoft Word as a digital canvas. He has entered the art world, leaving behind a trail of vivid images and thought-provoking stories.

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Name: Osinachi


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Osinachi Biography

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Early Life and Education of Osinachi  

Born in 1991 as Prince Jacon Osinachi Igwe, the artist grew up in Aba, Nigeria, a busy steel city. Even though Osinachi’s childhood was not full of artistic luxuries, it did have one lucky gift. His father gave him a computer when he was only 15. This important event marked the start of his artistic journey. With the eagerness of a child and the freedom to try new things, Osinachi started to explore the digital world. He used Microsoft Word not to write words but to create visual stories.

Soon, word got around about the young artist making beautiful pictures using a word processor. Local art shows accepted his work and allowed him to show off his skills. People were moved by Osinachi’s art, which was full of raw energy and strong stories. It hinted at the huge potential that was just below the surface.

What Is Osinachi Known For?

People now associate Osinachi’s name with two big changes in art: making digital art different and starting the NFT scene in Africa. At first, people were confused by his unusual canvas, Microsoft Word. But it quickly became his signature, and people started calling him “Africa’s foremost crypto artist.” However, what makes Osinachi stand out is the strong message he hides in his digital world.

These are some of the most well-known things about Osinachi:

Pioneering a New Canvas: He questioned the idea of traditional art forms and showed that strong emotions can come from odd places, like Microsoft Word. This not only made art more accessible to everyone, but it also pushed the limits of what can be called a valid art medium.

Giving African Digital Artists More Power: He paved the way for a generation of African digital artists by giving them access to global sites like NFTs they could not have had before. His success inspired many other artists and helped make digital art more varied.

Starting Important Conversations: His art deals with political and social problems, starting important conversations about race, justice, identity, and the human condition. He challenges people to think critically about the world around them and brings attention to important problems through his show.

Changing the meaning of NFTs: He showed that NFTs can be used for more than just investing. They can also be used to make political and artistic statements. By using NFTs to show off his interesting art, he helped to broaden the meaning of NFTs and the ways they can be used.

Career Highlights

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Some of the most important things Osinachi did are:

2017: He joined the crypto art scene and paved the way for other African digital artists to follow. He quickly became a leading figure in the field, and people called him “Africa’s foremost crypto artist.”

2020: “Osinachi: Existence as Protest,” his first solo show, opened at the Kate Vasse Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland. The show solidified his place in the art world, a powerful look at unfair things in society.

2021: He is the first African artist whose work is auctioned by Christie’s in Europe as an NFT. This event broke down boundaries and changed what was possible for African art on the world stage.

2022: Getting a permanent spot in the Buffalo AKG Art Museum’s collection and being shown in “Peer to Peer,” the first big museum exhibition devoted to blockchain art. This praise from well-known institutions made Osinachi’s effect on the world of traditional art even stronger.

2023: He keeps making NFTs that make you think, like “What Liberty,” and uses his unique style of combining art and activism to discuss current social and political problems.

Artistic Style

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A Mix of Influences:

The richness of Osinachi’s Nigerian background is mixed with a modern urban style and a dash of Afrofuturism to create a dynamic and diverse style. The result is a feast for the eyes, full of life, color, and meaning.

Lots of bright colors and complex textures:

His color schemes are risky, with bright accents often set against deep colors like royal blues and fiery oranges. These bright colors stand out and pull you into the scene, not letting go. The textures are also very important because they give his irregular shapes depth and complexity. 

Broken Figures and Telling Stories Through Symbols:

Osinachi’s figures are rarely whole, often broken up or stretched out. Because they are not named, the viewers can project their images onto the painting. This breaking up creates a sense of the general, which makes his stories accessible to a wide range of readers.

From Afrobeats to New Wave:

Osinachi is happy to come from an African artistic family. His work has a unique flow and energy from traditional Nigerian textiles and lively Afrobeats music. However, there is also something future in his eyes. He often uses Afrofuturism, showing technology and people who look like cyborgs as ways to elevate and change people. This mix of old and new, custom and innovative, creates a unique and forward-looking style.

A Little Something Different:

One thing that makes Osinachi’s style unique is that he uses Microsoft Word as his medium. Some people might see it as a tool for writing papers, but Osinachi sees a world of artistic possibilities. 

Famous Artworks

Existence as Protest (2020)This solo exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, was a powerful statement against social injustices. The featured artworks tackled themes of identity, inequality, and the fight for a more just world.
Man in a Pool III (2021)This NFT artwork, sold at Christie’s for a record-breaking price, depicts a lone figure floating serenely in a pool. The serene scene juxtaposed against the digital medium sparked conversations about tranquility within the digital realm.
What Liberty (2021)This impactful NFT features a Black man with outstretched arms trapped within barbed wire. It serves as a poignant commentary on the elusive nature of freedom and the ongoing struggle for true liberation.
Staff of Disobedience (2022)This striking portrait depicts a young man holding a staff instead of a weapon, challenging traditional notions of power and resistance. It encourages peaceful defiance and using one’s voice as the true weapon of change.
For This Is My Body (2023)This thought-provoking NFT raises awareness about societal norms surrounding female sexuality and challenges viewers to reconsider traditional perspectives on the human body.

The Impact of Osinachi on the art world

Osinachi’s art style is like a live thing; it always changes and pushes limits. It shows how creative he is, how close he is to his roots, and how much he believes that art can change people’s minds, start talks, and leave a lasting mark on the world. He pushes the limits of the program, using its strange features and limits to make the jagged style that is his trademark. This openness to the unusual shows his creativity and sends a strong message about going against the grain and making your artistic path.

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