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Table of Contents


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Pak, once known as Murat Pak, is a versatile digital artist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and skilled programmer whose true identity remains shrouded in intrigue, sparking rumors of a possible collective effort behind the name. Notably, Pak's most acclaimed achievement lies in the sale of their NFT titled "Merge," which fetched an astounding $91.8 million, firmly establishing Pak's position as a groundbreaking force in the NFT realm.

What is Pak known for?

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Pak is celebrated for introducing the concept of "burning" NFTs, allowing them to be permanently removed from circulation in exchange for the cryptocurrency Ash. 

Career highlights

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Archillect: A Digital Curator

In 2014, Pak introduced the world to Archillect, a captivating internet bot that amalgamates "archive" and "intellect." This innovative platform operates as a digital curator, scouring various social media platforms for captivating images. 

Archillect's mission is to propagate content with widespread appeal, adapting its selections to meet the ever-evolving preferences of its audience. 

Often likened to creative AI ventures like Emily Howell, Archillect has emerged as a distinctive voice in the realm of "artistic bots." Operating like a mood board, Archillect serves as an inspirational source, with Pak referring to it as a "digital muse" personified as "she."

NFTs: Challenging Value and Ownership

Pak has masterfully harnessed blockchain technology, particularly smart contracts, to craft a distinctive artistic style that resonates with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

With a visually engaging array of geometric shapes and programmatically generated images, Pak's NFTs transcend traditional artistic boundaries. 

Pak List of Work

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  • "Cloud Monument Dark" - A Pioneering Start

Pak's journey into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) began with the release of their very first NFT, "Cloud Monument Dark," on the SuperRare NFT marketplace on February 3, 2020. 

This marked the initial step in Pak's exploration of the NFT landscape, setting the stage for their groundbreaking contributions.

  • Project "X" - A Novel Approach

In a bid to innovate the NFT space, Pak introduced "Project X" on NiftyGateway in August 2020. Departing from traditional scarcity models, this project presented a unique concept of open-edition sales. 

Thirteen NFTs were made available for purchase in multiples within a fixed twenty-four-hour window. This innovative approach challenged conventional norms and garnered significant attention within the NFT community.

  • A Sotheby's Partnership - Redefining NFT Auctions

Pak's collaboration with Sotheby's, one of the art world's most esteemed auction houses, made waves in March 2021. "The Fungible," an open edition NFT sale, emerged as a groundbreaking event, generating an impressive $16.8 million across 6,156 NFTs during a two-day span. 

This partnership not only elevated Pak's profile but also underscored the transformative potential of NFTs within the art realm.

  • "The Pixel" and "The Switch" - Sotheby's Auction Success

As part of the Sotheby's collaboration, Pak auctioned "The Pixel" and "The Switch." "The Pixel" secured a remarkable $1.36 million, while "The Switch" garnered $1.4 million, cementing Pak's presence as a formidable force in the NFT market.

  • Sotheby's Metaverse - A Digital Art Haven

Venturing further into the digital landscape, Pak played a pivotal role in the launch of the "Sotheby's Metaverse" on October 15, 2021. This innovative platform introduced a space for curating and selling NFTs, offering users the unique privilege of personal profile pictures crafted by Pak themselves.

  • "Merge" - A Record-Breaking Achievement

December 2, 2021, marked a watershed moment as Pak unveiled "Merge" on Nifty Gateway. This NFT sale, characterized by the purchase of "mass units" rather than individual copies, shattered records by amassing a staggering $91.8 million. 

The sale, attracting 28,983 buyers and involving 312,686 mass units, etched Pak's name in NFT history books.

  • "Censored" Series - A Noble Cause

Pak's creative impact extended to noble causes. In February 2022, the "Censored" series of NFTs emerged as a fundraiser for the legal defense of Julian Assange. 

One standout NFT, "The Clock," fetched an impressive 16,593 ETH ($52.8 million) in an auction hosted by AssangeDAO. This groundbreaking sale not only demonstrated the power of NFTs but also showcased Pak's commitment to impactful collaborations.

Pak's journey through the NFT landscape has been nothing short of revolutionary, characterized by innovative concepts, transformative partnerships, and record-breaking achievements.

What is Pak's Highest-selling NFT Merge?

Pak's most valuable NFT, "Merge," achieved remarkable recognition by generating a staggering $91.8 million in sales during December 2021. 

This achievement solidified "Merge" as one of the priciest non-fungible tokens in existence, showcasing Pak's profound influence in the world of NFT art.

Why Was The Merge So Expensive?

Notably setting a new benchmark for NFT valuations, "Merge" isn't just art; it's an interactive experience that sets it apart from the rest.

With captivating white and yellow circles against a black backdrop, its groundbreaking interactivity sets it apart. This uniqueness likely contributes to its status as the world's priciest NFT, redefining art's value in the digital age.

Exploring Pak's NFT "The Fungible" Collection

Pak's "The Fungible" collection stands as a testament to the convergence of art and technology, woven seamlessly through the intricate tapestry of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Pak redefines the boundaries of creativity in the digital realm. This collection serves as a groundbreaking exploration, offering collectors not just artwork but a journey into the realm of innovation and value perception.

Questioning Value in the Digital Age

At the heart of "The Fungible" lies Pak's deep contemplation of value and its origins. The collection boldly challenges the traditional notion of value by leveraging NFTs and blockchain. 

Through a series of carefully curated Open Editions, collectors are invited to purchase fungible cubes, each carrying a unique potential. Pak encourages us to ponder the essence of value and authority in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Diving into the Open Editions

Central to the collection are the Open Editions, a novel approach that empowers collectors to own a piece of the NFT puzzle. The process is simple: collectors can purchase fungible cubes at fixed prices during specific sale periods. The significance of this lies in the diverse NFTs that these cubes unlock. 

From "A Cube" to "Thousand Cubes," each transaction delivers a distinct NFT based on the total cubes owned, weaving a narrative of value and abundance.

Examples of Fungible Value

The versatility of the Open Editions concept shines through illustrative examples. When a collector purchases 1 cube, they receive the NFT "A Cube." With 6 cubes, they acquire "Five Cubes" and "A Cube." 

This pattern continues, with each addition of cubes contributing to an array of unique NFTs. Pak ingeniously crafts a system where ownership becomes an exploration of varied value manifestations.

Beyond the Cubes: Complexity and Equilibrium

Pak's ingenuity expands beyond the Open Editions. 

  • The "Complexity" series, limited to 100 NFTs, rewards the top Open Edition cube purchasers, exemplifying the bond between collectors and creators. 

  • "Equilibrium," a "four-of-four" series, engages puzzle solvers, influential collectors, social media trendsetters, and perceptive predictors. 

These creative initiatives blend technology with human interaction, enriching the NFT experience.

Unveiling the Uniqueness: The Cube, The Switch, The Pixel

In the midst of innovation, Pak introduces singular NFTs that epitomize uniqueness. 

  • "The Cube," reserved for the most prolific Open Edition cube purchaser, symbolizes exclusivity. 

  • "The Switch" represents a groundbreaking concept—an NFT triggered by its owner's public call, its power wielded once and forever preserved. 

  • "The Pixel," a singular 1x1 NFT, serves as a tiny yet potent bridge between digital art and historical validation.

Pak's "The Fungible" collection is more than just a compilation of NFTs; it's a voyage through innovation, value exploration, and digital art's evolution. This collection reshapes perceptions, engages the imagination, and heralds a new era where technology and art harmoniously coexist.

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