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Table of Contents

Penny Slinger is known for her groundbreaking work in feminist art. She gained recognition for her provocative collages, which combined found images with her photographs. 

These collages challenged traditional notions of femininity and sexuality and were seen as a bold and empowering statement in a male-dominated art world. Slinger's work continues to be influential and is celebrated for its unique and thought-provoking approach to feminist art.

Penny Slinger's early life and education played a significant role in shaping her artistic style and interests. Her upbringing in a creative environment, combined with her studies at Chelsea School of Art and her time in California, contributed to her unique and provocative approach to art.

Today, she is recognised as a pioneering artist who continues to challenge societal norms and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Penny Slinger BIOGRAPHY

Image Credit:Richard Saltoun

Early Life and Education of Penny Slinger

Penny Slinger is a British artist and writer known for her provocative and surrealistic works. She was born in 1947 in London, England, and grew up in a creative and bohemian household. Her parents were both artists, and they encouraged her artistic pursuits from an early age.

Slinger's interest in art and the subconscious mind began at the Chelsea School of Art in the late 1960s. Here, she was introduced to the ideas of psychoanalysis and surrealism, which would greatly influence her artistic style. She became fascinated with exploring themes of sexuality, identity, and the unconscious through her artwork.

What is Penny Slinger known for?

Image Credit:WideWalls

Penny Slinger is known for her work as a British-American artist, photographer, and writer. She is notably recognised for her contributions to the feminist art movement in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Slinger’s art often explores sexuality, identity, and the female experience. She gained significant acclaim for her collage and photomontage works, which combine personal photographs with found images to create surreal and provocative compositions. 

Slinger's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and has been influential in challenging traditional notions of femininity and sexuality in art. Her unique artistic style and bold exploration of taboo subjects have made her a notable figure in contemporary art.

Career highlights

Image Credit:Good Trouble

Artistic Career

After completing her studies at Chelsea, Slinger moved to California in the early 1970s. During this time, she began to gain recognition for her unique and boundary-pushing artwork. She utilised various mediums, including collage, photography, and sculpture, to create pieces that challenged societal norms and expectations.

Slinger's work often incorporates elements of the female body and explores themes of femininity and sexuality. She has been praised for her ability to create visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

In addition to her visual art, Slinger has written extensively on subjects such as feminism, spirituality, and the power of the subconscious mind. Her writings have been published in various books and magazines, and she continues to explore these themes in her work today.

Artistic Style

Penny Slinger is known for her unique artistic and writing style, which combines surrealism, eroticism, and feminist themes. Her artwork often features dreamlike imagery, with elements of collage and photography. She explores themes of identity, sexuality, and the subconscious mind, creating thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces.

In addition to her visual art, Slinger is also a skilled writer. Her writing style is poetic and evocative, drawing readers into her world of fantasy and introspection. She often combines her written words with her artwork, creating a cohesive narrative that enhances the overall experience.

Slinger's artistic and writing style is highly personal and introspective. She explores her experiences and emotions while commenting on broader societal issues. Her work challenges traditional norms and expectations, pushing boundaries and inviting viewers to question their beliefs and perceptions.

What techniques did Penny Slinger use to create her art?

Penny Slinger utilised a combination of collage, photography, symbolism, and experimentation with different mediums to create her unique and thought-provoking artwork.

One technique that Penny Slinger utilised was collage. She would cut out and combine images from magazines, books, and photographs to create surreal and dreamlike compositions. By juxtaposing disparate elements, she challenged traditional notions of beauty and identity.

In addition to collage, Slinger also incorporated photography into her work. She often used herself as the subject, exploring different personas and identities. Through self-portraiture, she examined the complexities of womanhood and the female experience.

Another technique that Slinger employed was the use of symbolism and metaphor. Her art often contained symbolic imagery, such as snakes, mirrors, and flowers, representing various psychological and mythological concepts. By utilising these symbols, she delved into the depths of the human psyche and explored universal themes.

Furthermore, Slinger experimented with different mediums and materials in her art-making process. She worked with mixed media, combining painting, drawing, and collage techniques to create multi-layered and textured compositions. This multidisciplinary approach allowed her to explore different artistic possibilities and push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Penny Slinger List of Work

Image Credit:WideWalls

Penny Slinger is a British artist known for her thought-provoking and boundary-pushing artwork. One of her most notable artworks is:

An Exorcism

It is a series of photographs and sculptures that explore the female body and its relationship to societal expectations. This artwork challenges traditional notions of femininity and explores the idea of liberation and self-expression.


Penny Slinger: Out Of The Shadows


Lilford Hall Film

The Other Side of the Underneath


penny slinger max ernst, une semaine de bonte

Vibration Film


An exorcism Penny Slinger


Mountain Ecstasy Nik Douglas


Pillow Book Penny Slinger


The Erotic Sentiment: In the paintings of India & Nepal, Penny Slinger


The Erotic Sentiment in the Paintings of China and Japan Penny Slinger


The Path of the Mystic Lover: Baul Songs of Passion and Ecstasy Bhaskar Bhattacharyya


The Secret Dakini Oracle Deck: A Tantric Divination Deck Penny Slinger



Slinger's exhibitions have garnered critical acclaim and have been shown in galleries and museums worldwide. Some notable collections are:

Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows

Richard Saltoun Gallery in London

This exhibition showcased a retrospective of Slinger's work, spanning her early black and white photographs to her recent collages and installations. It highlighted her contribution to feminist art and her unique approach to exploring the female experience.

Penny Slinger: Visionary

Museum of Sex in New York City

This exhibition explored Slinger's provocative and groundbreaking artwork, showcasing her ability to challenge societal norms and push creative boundaries. It delved into her exploration of sexuality, spirituality, and the subconscious mind.

Other includes:


50% Unboxed, Pace Gallery, New York, NY, USA


50/50, Blum & Poe Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Penny Slinger: Tantric Transformations, Richard Saltoun Gallery, London, UK


Inside Out Fortnight Institute, New York, NY, USA


Self Impressions, Riflemaker, London, UK


Penny Slinger, Blum and Poe Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Exorcism Revisited, Broadway 1602 Gallery, New York, NY, USA


Arawak Renaissance – The Tribute Continues, New World Gallery, Anguilla.


Visions of Ecstasy, Visionary Gallery, New York, NY, USA


Secrets, Mirandy Gallery, London, UK

Penny Slinger's notable artworks and exhibitions have significantly impacted the art world, pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. Her work inspires and provokes thought, making her an influential figure in contemporary art.

What mediums did Penny Slinger use?

  • Photography

  • Film

  • Sculpture

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