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Sarah Meyohas


As an avid art collector, you have likely come across the innovative work of Sarah Meyohas. She is a pioneer in the NFT movement, creating and selling her digital artwork using blockchain technology. At only 28 years old, Meyohas has established herself as a leader in this emerging field. Her creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration. Through passion, dedication and perseverance, she has established herself as an influential figure pioneering a new frontier of digital art. Her innovative spirit, vision for technology-enabled creativity, and desire to empower other artists serve as an inspiration. Though the future in this emerging space is uncertain, Meyohas sees boundless potential and opportunity. She has proven that embracing innovation, taking risks, and following your creative instincts can lead to new possibilities. Meyohas' story is a reminder that each of us has the power to forge our path, manifest our purpose, and make a meaningful impact through our work. Let her journey inspire you to pursue your dreams and never stop creating. The future is unwritten, and it is ours to shape.From her education at prestigious universities to her many solo and group exhibitions, she discovered the experiences that shaped Meyohas' creative philosophy. Her story is a testament to following your passions and never being afraid to take risks. Meyohas' innovative spirit has allowed her to flourish as an artist and pave the way for others. She is a role model for young women looking to enter male-dominated fields.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sarah Meyohas BIOGRAPHY

Image Credit: Galerie Magazine

Sarah Meyohas’ Early Life and Introduction to Art

Sarah Meyohas was born in Manhattan, New York, in 1991. From an early age, she demonstrated a keen interest in art. At age 12, she began taking weekend art classes at Christie’s Education in New York City to learn fundamentals of art history and practice. Her artistic talent and passion for learning were apparent.

Meyohas went on to study at Phillips Academy Andover, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts and was given a scholarship to attend Yale University. At Yale, she majored in art history, focusing her studies on contemporary art. Meyohas was particularly interested in skill evolution in the age of social media and technology.

After graduating from Yale in 2013, Meyohas moved to New York City to launch her art career. She started gaining recognition for her conceptual photography and became fascinated with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Meyohas saw an opportunity to merge her interests by minting and selling her Specimen cryptocurrency and creating a series of related fine art photographs. This pioneering work established Meyohas as a leader in the movement to use blockchain to create and trade digital art.

What is Sarah Meyohas known for?

Image Credit: Art Forum

Sarah Meyohas is known for her work as a contemporary artist. She is notably recognized for her innovative use of mediums such as photography, film, and virtual reality to explore themes of perception, memory, and the intersection of art and technology. Meyohas is known for her conceptual approach to art, often incorporating performance and social commentary elements into her work. 

She has gained attention for her thought-provoking and visually stunning installations, exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Meyohas continues pushing traditional art forms’ boundaries and challenging viewers’ perspectives through her unique artistic vision.

Career highlights

Image Credit: Nahmad Projects

Becoming a Pioneer in Cryptoart and NFTs

As an early pioneer of crypto art and NFTs, Sarah Meyohas helped establish digital art as a legitimate creative medium and investment vehicle.

In 2015, Meyohas became the first artist to launch an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, for her artwork. Her BitchCoin project issued tokens representing shares in a photographic series, allowing collectors to buy and trade ownership rights. This innovative model helped demonstrate the viability of crypto art and made Meyohas a leader in the nascent NFT movement.

Meyohas is known for her conceptual photography and installations exploring value, risk and speculation themes. 



She turned her studio into a live trading pit where collectors could buy and sell limited-edition prints, with prices fluctuating based on demand. This daring, unorthodox approach challenges traditional notions of how art is made, marketed and valued.

Emerging Influence and Recognition

Through her innovative concepts and masterful use of technology and media, Sarah Meyohas established herself as a pioneering voice shaping the future of art. Her groundbreaking work helped legitimize NFTs and bring digital art into the mainstream, cementing her status as a visionary in the field. 

By pushing creative boundaries and speculating on new models of ownership and value, Meyohas pointed to possibilities that are only now being fully realized. Her role as an influential figure in this emergent movement seems poised to grow as crypto art continues its ascendance.

Sarah Meyohas List of Work

Image Credit: Art Land

Notable NFT Projects

As an early pioneer of NFT art, Meyohas has created innovative and thought-provoking NFT projects. Two of her most notable NFT projects are:



She made 10,000 unique NFTs depicting pink and blue pixels reminiscent of stereotypical gender colours. Each NFT represents a share in the Bitcoin fund. Though the NFTs themselves have no inherent monetary value, Meyohas has committed to donating 10% of any profits from sales or exhibitions of the work to women’s organizations. This clever project brings awareness to gender inequality and the wage gap in a creative way.


The Million Dollar Homepage

She recreated and improved the original concept by selling one million pixels on a digital canvas for $1 each. All proceeds were donated to charitable causes supporting women and girls. This project demonstrates Meyohas’ ability to build upon and reinterpret NFT art history in an impactful manner.

As the NFT market has grown more prominent, Meyohas’s trailblazing work has gained increasing recognition. Her pieces have been exhibited at major institutions like the Guggenheim and the International Center of Photography. In 2021, her photo “BitchCoin 10” sold at Phillips auction for over $50,000 – demonstrating how NFT art has transitioned from fringe experiment to blue-chip collectible.

Major Exhibitions



The show featured large-scale photographs with a specimen of the Specimen cryptocurrency embedded in each piece.


“Cloud of Petals”

This exhibit was the first solo show dedicated entirely to NFTs. The immersive installation featured animations, virtual reality, and NFTs representing digital flowers that bloomed and evolved based on Bitcoin transaction data.

The artist’s 2019 “BitchDex” project utilized decentralized finance to index the value of NFTs from “BitchCoin” to Bitcoin over time. The price of the NFTs appreciated dramatically, highlighting the new possibilities for digital scarcity, ownership, and investment in the crypto art market. Meyohas’ prescient works exploring the relationship between finance, technology, and art have catalyzed the explosive growth of the NFT space.

Through her innovative use of blockchain technology, Meyohas has pushed the possibilities of NFTs as a new medium for artistic expression. Her thought-provoking works have spurred essential conversations about value, ownership, and identity in an increasingly digital world.

Meyohas’ pioneering NFT art has cemented her status as a visionary in the crypto art movement, and her groundbreaking projects have paved the way for countless other artists experimenting in this emerging field. The immense impact of Meyohas’ work will continue to shape the future of blockchain-based art.

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