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Sneha Chakraborty

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Table of Contents

You may not know her name yet, but Sneha Chakraborty is poised to become a household name in NFT art. As an artist born and raised in Kolkata, India, Chakraborty has witnessed rapid technological and social change in her home country. 

This lifelong exposure to progress and innovation fueled her passion for digital art and her vision for how blockchain could transform ownership and access. Her journey from a small art studio in India to becoming the highest-selling NFT artist is a story of talent, perseverance, and being in the right place at the right time with the skills to shape the future. 

While the path was not always easy, Chakraborty persevered. Though Chakraborty's reign as the 'Queen of NFTs' may someday end, her impact on the art world is permanent. Chakraborty's story proves that anyone can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination. Her extraordinary life and career stand as a shining example of what is possible when you follow your passion.

This article explores Chakraborty's path to success, the influences and experiences that shaped her aesthetic, and how she ultimately crafted a new creative medium and disrupted an entire industry. Read on to discover the makings of the Queen of NFT Art.

Sneha Chakraborty BIOGRAPHY

Sneha Chakraborty
Image Credit: Analytics India Magazine

Early Life and Inspiration: Sneha Chakraborty's Humble Beginnings

Sneha Chakraborty was born in Kolkata, India in 1990. Her family moved to London, England, when she was three. Chakraborty recalls being fascinated by both traditional Indian art and contemporary Western art from an early age. Her parents, recognizing her talent and passion for art, enrolled her in art classes at a young age.

Chakraborty's early artistic influences were the works of Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh and Rabindranath Tagore. She was intrigued by their expressive and colourful styles. Another inspiration was the natural beauty she observed during frequent family trips to the English countryside and coast. The shapes, textures and natural lighting have continued to inspire her digital artwork.

After completing a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, Chakraborty struggled to sell her paintings and illustrations for several years. The emergence of blockchain technology and NFTs in 2017 provided new opportunities. Within two years, Chakraborty had become the top-selling NFT artist in the world.

What is Sneha Chakraborty known for?

Sneha Chakraborty
Image Credit: Eat My News

Sneha Chakraborty rose from humble beginnings to become a pioneer in the NFT art world. She built a thriving business and global brand through grit, talent, and vision. Chakraborty’s unique style, masterful technical skills, and ability to infuse deeper meaning into imaginative works of art have garnered her a devoted following in the NFT community.

Career highlights

Sneha Chakraborty
Image Credit: Whats Hot

The Path to NFT Artistry: Chakraborty's Artistic Journey

Chakraborty’s initial foray into digital art began over a decade ago. As an undergraduate student studying animation and visual effects, she developed an enthusiasm for 3D modelling and texturing. After graduating in 2012, Chakraborty spent several years honing her skills as a 3D generalist and building a portfolio of surreal digital artworks. Her early pieces incorporated fantastical landscapes, strange creatures, and futuristic architecture.

Blockchain Technology

In 2017, Chakraborty discovered blockchain technology and became fascinated with its potential applications for digital scarcity and ownership. She started creating experimental NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and minting them on platforms like Rarible and OpenSea. Though the NFT art market was still niche then, Chakraborty believed digital collectibles represented the future of art.


Chakraborty’s dedication to her craft and vision ultimately paid off. In early 2021, the NFT art space exploded, and her psychedelic art style gained mainstream recognition. High-profile collectors began acquiring her pieces, which feature colourful, intricate scenes filled with strange shapes, symbols and characters. Chakraborty’s NFTs now sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, cementing her status as a pioneer in the field.

Sneha Chakraborty List of Work

Sneha Chakraborty
Image Credit: Whats Hot

Rise to NFT Fame: Chakraborty's Breakout NFT Collections

Early 2021

“The Empowered Woman”

This groundbreaking collection featured ten unique NFTs depicting stylized portraits of notable female leaders and pioneers like Malala Yousafzai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Frida Kahlo. Each picture was accompanied by an inspirational quote from the woman being depicted.

“Endangered Animals”

This collection featured stylized portraits of 10 endangered species to raise awareness about environmental conservation and wildlife protection. A portion of the proceeds from sales were donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

“The Goddesses”

It depicts ten goddesses from world mythologies, including Lakshmi, Athena, and Isis. Each portrait aims to capture these female deities' essence and symbolic power. “The Goddesses” collection sold out in under 10 minutes, setting a record for the fastest-selling NFT art collection.

Through her first three NFT collections, Chakraborty established herself as an artist focused on empowering subjects and promoting social causes. Her unique digital art style, the blending of global cultural influences, and her choice of impactful themes have resonated deeply with collectors.

Chakraborty’s early success has demonstrated the potential of NFTs as a medium for supporting and empowering underrepresented groups. She has inspired a new generation of NFT artists, hoping to make a positive impact through their work. Chakraborty’s vision, talent, and determination have earned her the title of “Queen of NFT Art.”

The Chakraborty Style

Sneha Chakraborty’s digital art is instantly recognizable for its vibrant colours and dreamy, fantastical style. Her creative process and technical skills have enabled her to discover a niche in the NFT art world.

Chakraborty’s pieces frequently feature mythical creatures, whimsical characters, and surreal, otherworldly landscapes. Her colour palettes are striking yet harmonious, with neon pinks, bright blues, and shimmering golds. The overall effect is wondrous and magical.

What Makes Her NFT Art Unique?

A self-taught artist, Chakraborty has developed a signature style through experimentation and practice. She utilizes 3D modelling and rendering software to construct unique environments, objects, and characters from her imagination. Her pieces are almost sculptural due to her mastery of shadows, textures, and depth.

Chakraborty also incorporates subtle details and hidden gems in her art to delight and surprise viewers. For example, mythical symbols or tiny creatures tucked away in a piece that rewards careful observation. These details invite interpretation and speculation, adding layers of meaning.

The Future Is Bright: What's Next for This NFT Pioneer

Chakraborty plans to continue pushing the boundaries of NFT art and exploring new mediums for her work. She sees virtual and augmented reality as promising new frontiers for NFTs that allow collectors to experience art in an immersive way. Chakraborty also envisions creating interactive NFT installations in physical and virtual spaces that react to viewers and the environment.

The artist wants to foster greater inclusiveness and diversity in the NFT space. She believes that as the NFT market matures, it must provide more opportunities and visibility for underrepresented groups. Chakraborty intends to mentor other South Asian women looking to enter the NFT art world and highlight their work. She also hopes to collaborate with artists from different mediums, genres and cultural backgrounds on innovative projects that blend styles and themes.

While Chakraborty’s NFTs have already sold for high prices, she expects the value of her artwork to appreciate considerably in the coming years as the popularity of NFT collecting grows and awareness of her role as a pioneer spreads. Major art institutions have started acquiring NFTs, and Chakraborty anticipates that her pieces will eventually be exhibited in world-renowned museums. Such mainstream recognition would help establish her as one of her generation's most important NFT artists.

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