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Table of Contents


Image Credit: Ocula

XCopy is a pseudonymous digital artist celebrated for their distinctive contributions to the world of NFTs and digital art. Their true identity remains veiled, yet their unique style and explorations of technology and society have captivated the NFT community.

Their pseudonymous identity has sparked intrigue, and their artistic style often delves into futuristic and dystopian themes, creating a unique blend of technology and societal exploration.

The birth of the artist’s public internet life took place on Tumblr in August 2010. XCOPY's signature glitch style, characterized by offset elements in each frame, was evident from the beginning. This style, as the artist himself suggested, both differentiated his work and adhered to platform limitations.

What is XCopy known for?

Image Credit: NFT Plazas

XCopy is renowned for their distinctive contributions to the world of digital art, particularly within the realm of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

Their innovative digital artworks often depict futuristic and dystopian themes. Their pieces delve into the complex interplay between technology, humanity, and society, offering a unique perspective on the digital age.

Career highlights

Image Credit: De Crypt

XCopy's career highlights center around their prolific output of digital artworks that have captured the attention of the NFT community. Their pieces are characterized by intricate details, bold colors, and thought-provoking narratives. 

XCopy has successfully established themselves as a prominent figure in the digital art space.

A Glitch in the System

XCopy's use of glitch as his signature style is laden with symbolism. A glitch represents inconvenience, brokenness, or technology error. XCOPY's persistent deployment of this style suggests deeper themes: the eternal brokenness of things, a contemporary life in constant glitch. Though unconfirmed, this subtext resonates.

From Glitch to Subtext

XCopy's recurring use of faces and torsos emerged a month after his first Tumblr post. His art often comments on pop culture with a unique flair. Notably, the “femme fatale” archetype, prevalent in his early works, has evolved in recent pieces.

Creating an Artistic Paper Trail

XCopy's evolution as an artist is traceable through his digital archive. The internet allows us to experience his growth, from a lack of recognition to commercial success. 

His commitment to a unique style resonates with icons like Kahlo and Pollock, remaining true to his vision irrespective of trends.

Early Ventures into Tokenized Art

XCopy experimented on platforms like Ascribe and RARE Art Labs. Though Ascribe shuttered, two pieces survived. One, "Jesus Mob," portrays an unusual religious theme. 

XCopy's inclination to test new platforms is evident through his involvement with Ethereum-based RARE Art Labs.

Why is XCopy so Popular?

XCopy's journey continues as he remains a pioneer in testing new ideas. His commitment to his unique style and exploration of evolving platforms has solidified his place as a digital visionary.

As XCopy continues to redefine the boundaries of digital art, his journey remains an inspiration for artists and creators exploring the potential of the digital realm.

XCopy's Vision Beyond the Art

XCopy's journey goes beyond his artistic creations. He has demonstrated his ability to anticipate trends, such as his pioneering use of the CC0 license, placing his entire portfolio into the public domain. 

This move reflects his beginnings on Tumblr and aligns with the digital ethos of free dissemination and remixing.

As the digital art landscape continues to evolve, XCOPY's impact remains profound, and his artistic legacy continues to inspire innovation and exploration at the intersection of art and technology.

XCopy List of Work

Image Credit: Art Review

XCopy's Diverse Body of Work

Before we delve into XCOPY’s exclusive and limited creations, let’s take a moment to explore some of his work that comes in larger supply. XCopy's uniqueness thrives on his ability to defy convention...

  1. Max Pain And Frens

XCopy's Max Pain And Frens, launched in March 2022, is a significant departure from his usual limited editions. This collection was an open-edition trendsetter before it became a trend. 

In just 10 minutes, the collection generated a staggering $23 million, with each NFT minted for 1 ETH and no supply limit. 

Although some criticized the uniformity of the NFTs, this practice is now prevalent in open editions. XCOPY's decision not to include additional utility to the collection sparked debate, but it aligns with his focus on art over community-building. 

Today, Max Pain And Frens remains a unique entry point to the XCOPY universe, with a current floor price of 0.834 ETH.

  1. Grifters

The Grifters collection, comprising 666 unique faces, is often referred to as XCopy’s unofficial profile picture collection. Minted on the Async platform for 0.25 ETH each in December 2021, Grifters defied norms by sustaining a higher floor price than other prominent profile picture collectives. 

With a price of around 20 ETH per NFT, Grifters offers a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking to engage with XCOPY's art without venturing into the 1/1 or smaller editions. 

Like Max Pain, Grifters doesn't promise utility as part of its value proposition.

  1. Right Click Share: XCopy + Deca

XCopy's collaboration with Deca produced Right Click Share, a remarkable experiment in collaborative art creation. This piece, comprising 1,024 pixels, relies on holders' cooperation to form an XCOPY artwork. 

Pixel holders must “attest” their pixels to the piece, but Deca and XCopy introduce an intriguing twist by removing a holder's attestation every 365 days. This ensures that the piece remains alive through sustained community engagement. 

Beyond its artistic value, Right Click Share exemplifies XCopy's commitment to exploring the possibilities of art within the digital realm.

Notable 1/1 Works

XCOPY's 1/1 works are equally compelling, each telling a unique story or offering profound commentary:

  • "All Time High in the City"

This SuperRare piece portrays Death leading a banker down a blood-filled river, making it one of the most emblematic of XCOPY's narrative-driven artworks.

  • "summer.jpg"

Depicting a bright and bubbly scene, this piece captures the exuberant spirit of the NFT explosion in 2021, contrasting with XCOPY's usual style.

  • "Right-click and Save As guy"

A defense against common NFT criticism, this piece serves as a mirror to critics' intent, challenging their resistance to change.

  • "Some Asshole"

Representing a recurring theme in XCOPY's portfolio, this enigmatic character embodies the essence of XCOPY's work, inviting speculation over interpretation.

  • "A Coin for the Ferryman"

An exquisite piece narrating a tale of despair, as a suited figure prepares a coin for the ferryman, contemplating his passage to the afterlife.

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