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Galerie Nierendorf

Galerie Nierendorf

Galerie Nierendorf


As an art lover, you will want to visit the newly reopened Galerie Nierendorf in the heart of Berlin. After an extensive two-year renovation, this historic art gallery has been restored to its former splendor and is ready to welcome discerning patrons again. Initially founded in 1920 by art dealer Karl Nierendorf, the gallery quickly […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As an art lover, you will want to visit the newly reopened Galerie Nierendorf in the heart of Berlin. After an extensive two-year renovation, this historic art gallery has been restored to its former splendor and is ready to welcome discerning patrons again. Initially founded in 1920 by art dealer Karl Nierendorf, the gallery quickly became a cultural hub for contemporary art in Berlin during the interwar period. 

The diverse collection of art gave you an appreciation for the city’s creative spirit during such a pivotal time in history. Though nearly a century has passed, the passion and vision that initially fueled Galerie Nierendorf lives on. 

By honouring the legacy of art dealer Karl Nierendorf, his grandson has ensured that the gallery will continue promoting thought-provoking and evocative works of art for generations to come. Your visit to Galerie Nierendorf will remind us of art’s timeless ability to challenge, move, and connect us all. Step inside and discover what the art world has been missing.

The History and Legacy of Galerie Nierendorf

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The historic Galerie Nierendorf holds an essential place in the annals of 20th-century art. Founded in Berlin in 1920 by art dealer Karl Nierendorf, the gallery was instrumental in promoting avant-garde art. Nierendorf represented major artists of Die Brücke, Der Blaue Reiter, and Dadaism, including Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wassily Kandinsky, and Kurt Schwitters.

After Nierendorf’s death, his wife Josephine continued operating the gallery until 1937, when she was forced to close under pressure from the Nazi government. However, Josephine Nierendorf smuggled inventory out of Germany and revived the gallery in New York City in 1939. There, she mounted seminal shows that introduced abstract expressionism to the United States, featuring artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko.

In its current iteration, Galerie Nierendorf seeks to honour its history of championing avant-garde art. The gallery shows contemporary abstract, conceptual, and mixed media works pushing traditional artistic practices’ boundaries. In addition, Galerie Nierendorf maintains an archive of historical ephemera related to Karl and Josephine Nierendorf’s influential work promoting modern art.

Galerie Nierendorf has been at the vanguard of artistic innovation for nearly a century. From its roots in Berlin’s vibrant 1920s art scene to cultivating mid-century abstract expressionism and today’s contemporary experimental art, Galerie Nierendorf has consistently supported new creative voices. The gallery’s vision and dedication cemented its status as an institution fostering cultural progress. For art enthusiasts and practitioners, Galerie Nierendorf remains an enduring source of inspiration.

To revive an iconic art institution, the new owners of Galerie Nierendorf knew a respectful renovation was in order. Galerie Nierendorf has reemerged as an influential voice in Berlin’s vibrant art scene by modernizing its facilities, bolstering its amenities, and reimagining its curatorial vision. While respecting its distinguished past, the revitalized gallery is poised to shape the future of contemporary art.


The gallery’s facilities required updating to meet modern standards while preserving its historic character. The owners refurbished the original parquet flooring and plasterwork, which date to the 1920s. They also restored the building’s large windows, allowing natural light to flood the main exhibition spaces again.


Behind the scenes, the gallery now boasts state-of-the-art art handling, storage, and conservation amenities. An advanced HVAC system helps maintain a stable temperature and humidity optimal for artworks. A freight elevator and reinforced floors facilitate the movement and display of heavy sculptural pieces.

Exhibition Program

Under new leadership, Galerie Nierendorf has reinvigorated its exhibition program, hosting up-and-coming and established contemporary artists. The gallery aims to champion underrepresented voices and provocative new forms of artistic expression. In an ode to its history, the gallery has also organized exhibitions revisiting the Dada and Surrealist art movements that its namesake, art dealer Karl Nierendorf, helped pioneer in the early 20th century.

Exhibiting Emerging and Established Contemporary Artists

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Galerie Nierendorf has established itself as an influential space for contemporary art in Berlin. Under the direction of Johann Nierendorf, the gallery exhibits emerging and established contemporary artists working in various media.

Showcasing Pioneering Contemporary Artists

For over 20 years, Galerie Nierendorf has presented solo and group exhibitions featuring up-and-coming and pioneering contemporary artists. The gallery is known for supporting artists early in their careers and has launched the careers of many influential contemporary artists.

Some of the pioneering contemporary artists that have exhibited at Galerie Nierendorf include:

Julie HeffernanKnown for her self-portraits and magical realism style
Walid RaadKnown for his work exploring the contemporary history of Lebanon
Laurie SimmonsKnown for her photography exploring gender and domesticity
Tino SehgalHe is known for his constructed situations

In addition to established contemporary artists, Galerie Nierendorf strongly emphasizes fostering emerging talent. The gallery regularly exhibits artists at pivotal points in their careers, providing them with opportunities for exposure and recognition within the contemporary art world.

Fostering Community Through Art and Culture

Galerie Nierendorf’s emphasis on inclusiveness and open dialogue cultivates a welcoming atmosphere where all feel invited to participate. By providing a space for people to connect around issues that transcend boundaries, the gallery helps build a more just, compassionate, and cohesive society.

Fostering Cross-Cultural Dialog

The gallery cultivates an environment of open discourse by exhibiting art from around the world. Featured artists hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, exposing viewers to artistic traditions beyond their own. By amplifying marginalized voices and showcasing works that challenge viewers’ assumptions, Galerie Nierendorf sparks meaningful conversations about identity, society, and what it means to be human.

Building Connections Through Art

Galerie Nierendorf brings people together through a shared appreciation of art. Exhibitions, artist talks, and other public programs offer meaningful interaction and exchange opportunities between artists, collectors, critics, and the general public. Patrons can forge new relationships with like-minded art enthusiasts and join a community supporting creative expression.

What’s Next? The Future of Galerie Nierendorf

Galerie Nierendorf has established itself as an integral part of Berlin’s contemporary art scene, but what does the future hold for this cultural icon? As the gallery looks ahead to its next chapter, Director Meike Nierendorf has a clear vision.

Continuing a Legacy of Discovery

For nearly a century, Galerie Nierendorf has introduced audiences to groundbreaking artists at the forefront of their fields. Meike Nierendorf intends to uphold this tradition of talent scouting and nurturing emerging voices. The gallery will continue seeking innovative creators in various media – including painting, sculpture, video, performance, and multimedia installations – and providing a platform to showcase their work.

Fostering Connection

A top priority is strengthening relationships between artists and art enthusiasts. The gallery plans to host more public events, artist talks, and interactive programs to engage visitors and facilitate dialogue. Building personal connections and gaining insights into artists’ creative processes and works will enable a deeper appreciation of the art.

Embracing New Technologies

While honouring its history, Galerie Nierendorf looks to the future by incorporating immersive technologies that provide multisensory experiences. Certain exhibitions may benefit from the usage of augmented and virtual reality. The gallery website and social media profiles will also be revamped to reach and interact with wider audiences and make the art more accessible through 360-degree views and in-depth analyses.

A Home for Visionary Art

Most importantly, Galerie Nierendorf will continue as a home for innovative art. Meike Nierendorf aims to identify and support pioneering artists and shepherd their groundbreaking creations. By fostering visionary talent, facilitating meaningful connections between art and audiences, and embracing new technologies, Galerie Nierendorf is poised to remain Berlin’s premier contemporary art space for generations. The future is bright at this iconic cultural institution, redefining what it means to experience art in the 21st century.

Quick Facts About Gallery

Name: Galerie Nierendorf

Location: Berlin

Country: Germany

Founded: 1920

Address: Galerie Nierendorf
Hardenbergstr. 19
D-10623 Berlin

Zipcode: 10623

Telephone: +49 30 8325013

Fax: (49-30) 3129327




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