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Galerie Poll


As an art lover in Berlin, you are likely familiar with the city’s renowned galleries. However, tucked away in the heart of downtown is a hidden gem you may have yet to discover. Galerie Poll, founded in 1968, is an independent gallery featuring contemporary art in an intimate space.  Galerie Poll is truly a hidden […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As an art lover in Berlin, you are likely familiar with the city’s renowned galleries. However, tucked away in the heart of downtown is a hidden gem you may have yet to discover. Galerie Poll, founded in 1968, is an independent gallery featuring contemporary art in an intimate space. 

Galerie Poll is truly a hidden gem for art lovers visiting Montreal. Nestled on a quiet street in Old Montreal, this unassuming gallery houses contemporary works from renowned Canadian and international artists. Visiting here offers an intimate look at diverse, thought-provoking pieces you won’t find anywhere else

Whether you spend an hour or an afternoon exploring the current exhibition, you will leave with a new appreciation for the vibrancy of Montreal’s art scene and memories of discovering this exceptional space. Galerie Poll is a secret worth sharing and a destination worth returning to again and again.

In this insider’s tour, you will glimpse the gallery’s history, meet the director who has been shaping its vision for over 30 years, and discover up-and-coming artists pushing their craft’s boundaries. Discover this secret that Montreal’s art scene has been keeping for years.

The History and Founding of Galerie Poll

Image Credit: Bloom Berg

Established in 1960, Galerie Poll is one of Montreal’s most prestigious contemporary art galleries. Founder Joseph Poll opened the gallery to promote avant-garde European art. Over the decades, Galerie Poll has evolved into a platform for innovative contemporary art worldwide.

The Early Years: Focus on European Avant-Garde

In the 1960s, Galerie Poll championed conceptual art and minimalism, representing groundbreaking European artists like Joseph Beuys, Daniel Buren, and François Morellet. Poll was keen to introduce Montreal audiences to the innovative contemporary art emerging in Europe. The gallery’s exhibitions featured artwork across media, including installation, video, performance, and sculpture.

Transition to International Contemporary Art

By the 1980s, Galerie Poll had expanded its focus to include contemporary art from across the globe. The gallery began representing prominent Canadian artists such as Ian Carr-Harris and Raphaëlle de Groot and European artists. Galerie Poll’s roster has become increasingly diverse and international in recent decades. The gallery now represents over 30 contemporary artists from Canada, the United States, Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Located in the heart of Montreal, Galerie Poll is an art gallery gem waiting to be discovered. Open since 1990, this contemporary art gallery focuses on promoting up-and-coming Canadian artists.

A Curated Collection of Canadian Talent

The gallery owner, Evelyn Poll, handpicks artists across Canada to feature in the space. The rotating exhibits include paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media pieces. Evelyn has an eye for finding talent on the rise and giving them a platform to showcase their work. Many featured artists gained national acclaim after exhibiting at Galerie Poll.

The gallery has an intimate feel, with only two exhibit rooms. Evelyn designed the space to let the art speak for itself without distraction. Natural light streams into the rooms through large windows, perfectly illuminating the art on display.

A Passion for Art and Community

Evelyn Poll founded the gallery out of her devotion to contemporary art and supporting local artists. She aims to foster community within Montreal’s art scene by providing a welcoming space for art enthusiasts and creatives to connect. Evelyn frequently hosts opening night receptions where visitors can collaborate with the artists and discuss their work.

A Must-See for Art Lovers

For art lovers visiting Montreal, Galerie Poll should be noticed. This hidden gem offers a curated glimpse into the city’s up-and-coming contemporary art scene. Evelyn Poll’s passion for art and community has created something extraordinary in the heart of Montreal. Discover this secret art oasis – you’ll be glad you did.

Notable Artists and Exhibitions at Galerie Poll

Image Credit: The New York Times

Galerie Poll, one of Montreal’s premier contemporary art galleries, represents emerging and established Canadian and international artists. Since its founding in 1992, the gallery has aimed to showcase innovative and thought-provoking works across various mediums.

Painting and Sculpture

Galerie Poll exhibits paintings and sculptures from renowned artists such as Guido Molinari, known for his minimalist and hard-edge abstract paintings. The gallery has also featured notable sculptors, such as American artist Joel Shapiro, recognized for his colourful and whimsical bronze sculptures.


Galerie Poll has highlighted influential photographers such as Robert Frank, who captured poignant snapshots of postwar America, and William Eggleston, a pioneer of colour photography. The gallery has also featured contemporary photographers like Canadian-born artist Rhonda Weppler, who was praised for her vivid still lifes and uncanny portraits.

New Media and Installations

In recent years, Galerie Poll has emphasized new media, video, and installation art. Notable exhibitions have included work from Turkish artist Ayşe Erkmen, acclaimed for her thought-provoking site-specific installations, and pieces from Canadian artists such as Raphaëlle de Groot, who creates elaborate multimedia environments.

Young Talent

An essential part of Galerie Poll’s mission is to showcase emerging young talent. The gallery has solo exhibitions of up-and-coming artists, such as Mika Rottenberg, an Argentinean-born artist known for her quirky and surreal video installations. By promoting innovative new work, Galerie Poll aims to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

Visiting Galerie Poll: Hours, Location and What to Expect

When visiting Galerie Poll, there are a few key things to remember. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday till 6:00 p.m. It is located in Berlin.

As you walk through the doors into the gallery’s two-story space, you’ll immediately notice the high ceilings, white walls, and minimalist decor that allow the artworks to take center stage. Galerie Poll specializes in contemporary art, representing emerging and established Canadian and international artists. Shows rotate every 4 to 6 weeks, so there are always new pieces to discover in various mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation art.

Galerie Poll has an air of sophistication but remains accessible and welcoming to art enthusiasts of all levels. The staff are highly knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions about the artworks or artists on display. Free guided tours are offered for those wanting to understand the exhibitions and themes better.

In keeping with the gallery’s minimal aesthetic, the artworks vary in size but are always thoughtfully curated, with plenty of space around each piece. Prices range from under $5,000 for works on paper to over $50,000 for large-scale or multimedia installations. The gallery actively works to make contemporary art more accessible by offering some highly collectible yet lower-priced pieces and financing options for interested buyers.

The Future and Vision of Galerie Poll

Galerie Poll has an exciting vision for its future. As one of Montreal’s leading contemporary art galleries, Galerie Poll aims to continue promoting emerging and mid-career artists, focusing on conceptual and multimedia works.

The gallery actively seeks new talent from art schools and collectives across Canada and internationally. The curatorial team travels frequently to scout innovative artists, creating thought-provoking works. Galerie Poll’s goal is to find artists with a unique, fully developed artistic vision and help elevate them to the next stage of their careers.

While Galerie Poll’s physical gallery space will remain in Montreal, they aim to expand their digital presence and connect with new audiences globally. The gallery launched an updated website in 2020 that provides virtual tours of current and past exhibitions. 

They are active on social media platforms, where they promote their artists and share details on upcoming shows. These digital initiatives, combined with participation in international art fairs, allow art enthusiasts worldwide to discover Galerie Poll.

Quick Facts About Galerie Poll

Name: Galerie Poll

Location: Berlin

Country: Germany

Founded: 1968

Address: Gipsstraße 3, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Zipcode: 10119

GPS: 52.527232193060804, 13.399232796312516

Telephone: +49 30 2617091




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