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Sanji Gallery

Sanji Gallery

Sanji Gallery


If you’re planning a trip to Seoul soon, make sure to add the Sanji Gallery by HB LAB to your itinerary. This art gallery is perfect for those interested in experimental art and unconventional ideas. With two locations, Sanji Gallery is at the forefront of the K-contemporary art scene. An Introduction to Sanji Gallery: A […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul soon, make sure to add the Sanji Gallery by HB LAB to your itinerary. This art gallery is perfect for those interested in experimental art and unconventional ideas. With two locations, Sanji Gallery is at the forefront of the K-contemporary art scene.

The gallery gets its name from a biblical passage that describes claiming a mountainous territory. Sanji Gallery, established in Seocho-dong in 2018, aims to create a thriving art community by providing a nurturing environment for artists and collectors to connect and engage in the creation and appreciation of art. Over the years, Sanji Gallery has consistently showcased exceptional exhibitions by emerging artists worldwide, which has helped solidify its reputation as a prominent player in the art world. The gallery’s participation in renowned art fairs has also significantly impacted the global art scene.

In 2023, Sanji Gallery moved to a new location in Samcheong-dong, with the aim of showcasing top-notch exhibitions in an even better setting. The new space, previously occupied by Book Club and Perrotin Samcheong, boasts three floors and two exhibition halls. The gallery is committed to discovering and nurturing new domestic artists, promoting global awareness, and showcasing exciting exhibitions by international artists to local collectors.

Sanji Gallery takes pride in showcasing a diverse array of artists, from emerging talents pushing the boundaries of contemporary art to seasoned artists with a wealth of experience. The gallery’s walls come alive with many styles, techniques, and perspectives, enriching the artistic tapestry on display. Sanji Gallery curates exhibitions that challenge preconceived notions, inviting visitors to explore the nuanced layers of artistic expression and encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse art forms.

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The gallery’s interior is more than just a backdrop; it’s a thoughtfully crafted narrative. The layout encourages visitors to navigate through different thematic sections, creating a journey beyond the visual. Each turn presents a new perspective, making every visit a unique exploration. From the moment visitors step into Sanji Gallery, they are captivated by the gallery’s interior design, which creates a harmonious setting that immerses visitors in the world of art.

Beyond aesthetics, Sanji Gallery recognizes the profound impact art can have on society. The gallery catalyzes cultural awareness, fostering conversations that go beyond artistic boundaries. It contributes to the broader social dialogue, emphasizing the importance of art in shaping societal perspectives.

Since its opening in 2018, Sanji Gallery has organized many solo and collaborative K-artist exhibitions. Here are a few notable exhibitions:

Jongyong Yang: Late Bloomer (19 February – 14 March 2020).

 Yang Jong-yong, an artist specializing in Western painting, skillfully captures the essence of natural moss. The exhibition gave way to his artwork, in which he beautifully conveys the concepts of naturalness and the interconnectedness of all things, symbolized by the vessel that embraces everything.

Jongkyung Park: Dream Richness (20 October – 20 November 2022)

The exhibition proudly showcased the far-out and unique work of Jong-kyung Park. His work explored the world of beans, which has seldom been explored. The artist’s work is rooted in the authentic portrayal of soybeans and Korean imagery, capturing the essence of rural life in their childhood home, where farming was the predominant economic activity. The use of specific materials adds depth and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Jeyoung Lee: Rawtype (7 JUNE – 25 JUNE 2022)

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Another successful exhibition was presented by the medium of Sanji Gallery. The artist, an expert in abstract work, represented the visual disparities through images and artworks.  The blurry technique created an overlapping impact in the images, making it difficult to distinguish them. 

Shirin Abedinirad: Reflective Journey (27 OCTOBER – 9 DECEMBER 2023)

The mesmerizing Reflective Journey sculpture is at the heart of Shirin Abedinirad’s inaugural solo exhibition in South Korea. The exhibition consists of a collection of doors and mirrors, resulting in a pleasing arrangement of three mirror panels that effortlessly mirror the environment around them. 

 The exhibition will showcase a moving video self-portrait piece and photographs that reference the awe-inspiring land installations that Abedinirad has become renowned for in recent years. 

Juli Cho Bailer and Micaela Giovannotti curated the exhibition in collaboration with Sanji Gallery.

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(5 JANUARY – 2 MARCH 2024)

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The two-person exhibition is a feast for the senses, offering a thought-provoking exploration of the transience of beauty and the fragility of life. Through the lens of Wesely’s photography, the viewer is taken on a journey of discovery, witnessing the intricate details of natural objects as they decay and transform over time.

Meanwhile, Filomeno’s embroidered depictions of nature are a true testament to the power of art to evoke emotion and inspire action. Each piece invites the viewer to contemplate the critical juncture we face in our efforts to combat climate change and protect the planet from irreversible damage. It is a call to action, a reminder that we must act now to preserve the beauty of nature for future generations.

Featured Contemporary Artists and Artworks 

Here are some of the notable artists whose eccentric artworks are a part of Sanji Gallery.

Shirin AbediniradShirin Abedinirad’s first solo show in South Korea features the artist’s Reflective Journey sculpture at its core. 
Angelo FilomenoFilomeno’s inaugural show with Sanji Gallery in South Korea features 18 luxurious depictions of recognizable symbols of our planet’s climate crisis. Angelo Filomeno blends painting with intricate textile art, showcasing visionary creativity and craftsmanship. 
KT KIMKT Kim showcased his long-term project featuring stray cats from around the world. The ‘I Am a Cat’ exhibition, featuring cats as the main characters, is highly anticipated. 
Leszek SkurskiThe artist showcased a collection of instant memories and stories about life. A character steps out of the screen, leaving behind soft colors and shadows that create a bond between light and darkness. Skurski’s paintings are like ink dropped on a white snow field. The work is like an ink-and-wash painting with captivating blank space.

What to Expect During a Visit to the Sanji Gallery?

While visiting the gallery you can only expect the unexpected. The gallery walls are a canvas of unconventional artworks and installations. A fair treat for an art enthusiast. Sanji Gallery stands as more than a physical space—it is an immersive experience where art, interior design, and the artists themselves converge. The gallery’s commitment to diversity, collaboration, and community engagement sets it apart in the art world. 

Name: Sanji Gallery by HB LAB 

Location: Seoul

Country: Republic of Korea (03054)


1st Location: 5, Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2nd Location: 3, Yangjaecheon-ro 21-gil, Seocho-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hours of operations; Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm

Contact here: +82.2.735.5662 OR




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