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Movement: Dada work

As you delve deeper into the life and work of Max Ernst, one of the most influential surrealist artists of the 20th century, you will encounter a creative mind that pushed the boundaries of self-expression. Ernst was a pioneer who helped develop surrealism as an artistic movement. His paintings, sculptures,…
As you embark on a journey into the life of Marcel Duchamp, prepare to question everything you thought you knew about art. Duchamp was an artist ahead of his time who lived life on his terms. For the duration of his career, he dared to challenge preconceptions and redefine what…
As an amateur or professional artist, learning about the life and work of influential creators who came before you can be highly inspirational and informative. Joan Miró was one such pioneering modern artist who helped shape 20th century art with his highly imaginative and whimsical style….



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