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Movement: Young British Artists

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Discover the ultra-contemporary artist Tintin Cooper, known for her diverse range of art styles including Appropriation Art, Feminist Art, and Pop Art. With a rich exhibition history spanning multiple countries, Cooper’s work has been featured in prestigious shows such as Videozone 4 and the Bangkok Biennial. Ranked among the Top…
Discover the world of ENDLESS, a prominent male artist born in 1984 known for his work in Street Art and affiliation with the Young British Artists movement. With exhibitions spanning across Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and beyond, ENDLESS has made a significant impact in the art world….
As a renowned British artist working in film, drawing, and photography, Tacita Dean lets her creative work do the talking. Throughout her prolific career spanning more than 25 years, Dean has cemented her status as one of her generation’s most important contemporary artists. However, while her art may be familiar, the…
As an art lover, you may have encountered the striking and thought-provoking works of conceptual artist Douglas Gordon. His innovative multimedia installations and video art have captivated audiences worldwide for over 30 years. Gordon’s work provides a glimpse into human consciousness and explores time, memory, and identity themes. Though his works…
Damien Steven Hirst, born on June 7, 1965, is a prominent British artist known for his provocative and controversial artworks that challenge the boundaries of contemporary art. His bold and thought-provoking works have garnered international recognition and solidified his place in the art world….



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