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Movement: Zero

Discover the post-war artist Bernard Aubertin, known for his association with Zero and his bold artistic creations. Born in France in 1934, Aubertin has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and art fairs across Europe, including Biennale di Venezia and Documenta. His art can be found in prestigious museum collections worldwide….
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Discover the contemporary artist Riki Mijling, known for her work in Constructivism, Abstract Sculpture, and Minimalism. With over 13 solo shows and 50 group exhibitions, Mijling has gained recognition internationally, showcasing her art in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and beyond. Ranked among the Top 10,000 globally, her career has seen…
Discover the unique and dynamic world of post-war artist Heinz Mack, known for his association with Op-Art, Zero, and Gruppe 53. With a career spanning over 66 years, Mack has participated in numerous exhibitions, art fairs, and biennials around the world. His artwork can be found in museum collections worldwide,…
Learn about post-war artist Otto Piene, known for his association with the Zero movement. With over 65 years of exhibitions, Piene has been showcased in Germany, United States, Switzerland, and beyond. His work has been featured in over 76 solo shows, 568 group shows, 96 art fairs, and 11 biennials….



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