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Tulipa NFT

Michael Weseley

Artist, Photographer

Tulipa NFT - Extracts from Hortus Bulborum
by Michael Wesely x MemoriesForArt

Immortalizing the timeless elegance of an exclusive Edition of 4 Artworks with just 333 unique NFTs and 11 limited framed prints, all inspired by the “Extracts from Hortus Bulborum.

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We all „age“ as time passes. So do these digital artworks...

These captivating artworks come into being through a dual artistic interplay of “Capture” and “Display.” When seamlessly melded, they birth a new era within the genre of still life art. This isn’t merely about freezing a moment in time; it’s about allowing that moment to be perpetually relived. As the philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger eloquently put it upon discovering this project, it’s about “capturing temporality within a picture.”

Michael Weseley

Artist, Photographer, MoMA-Artist

Professional photographer and MoMA Artist who gained global recognition for his extreme long exposure photo art with self built cameras.


Media Brand, Art Platform & Artist Accelerator

Visionary Media Brand and Fine-Art & NFT Accelerator passionated about Artists, Artworks, and their Stories. Let’s make Art together!

The Tulipa NFT Artworks

Tulipa NFT 1

1/1 Ultra Rare
Incl. NFT + Print + 1 aging Video + Artist meet and greet in Berlin
Price: 14.000,00 MATIC
approx. 5 ETH or $14,000.00

Tulipa NFT 2

1/10 Super Rare
Incl. NFT + Print + 1 aging Video
Price: 8.500,00 MATIC
approx. 3 ETH approx. $ 8,500.00

Tulipa NFT 3

1/100 Ultra Rare
Incl. NFT + 1 aging Video
Price: 590,00 MATIC
approx. 0.2 ETH approx. $590,00

Tulipa NFT 4

1/222 Limited
Incl. 1 NFT only
Price: 295,00 MATIC
approx. 0.1 ETH approx. $295,00

The Tulipa NFT Collection - Where every Piece tells a story...

The “Tulipa NFT – Extracts from Hortus Bulborum” project presents a limited edition collection of 4 different tulips, meticulously categorized into four distinct rarity levels, each accompanied by exclusive benefits and digital assets tailored to enhance your ownership experience.

  1. Ultra Rare: This category is the zenith of exclusivity, featuring one unique tulip variety, a singular, one-of-a-kind NFT. Owner of an Ultra Rare NFT is entitled to:

    • A unique NFT of the tulip.
    • A framed photography print of the tulip artwork
    • A certificate hand-signed by the artist
    • A video download showcasing the aging process of the tulip.
    • An opportunity for a meet and greet with the artist in Berlin.

    With only one NFT available, this category represents the utmost exclusivity.

  2. Super Rare: Balancing rarity with availability, this category includes one tulip variety, limited to 10 NFTs. Owners in this tier will receive:

    • A unique NFT of the tulip.
    • A framed photography print of the tulip artwork.
    • A certificate hand-signed by the artist
    • A video download showcasing the aging process of the tulip.

    Totaling 10 NFTs, this option offers significant exclusivity.

  3. Rare: Aimed at broader accessibility while still retaining uniqueness, this level features one tulip variety with 100 NFTs. Owners are provided with:

    • A unique NFT of the tulip.
    • A video download showcasing the aging process of the tulip.

    This category includes a total of 100 NFTs, making it more accessible yet still limited.

  4. Limited: Contrary to being the most inclusive, this category reflects Micheal Wesely’s desire to make art affordable and accessible, offering a gateway into the exclusive art world. It includes one tulip variety, with 222 NFTs available. Owners in this category will receive:

    • A unique NFT of the tulip.

    This approach, totaling 222 NFTs, is inspired by the artist’s wish to democratize access to exclusive art, rather than simply providing the highest number of NFTs.

Overall, the project comprises 333 NFTs across all categories, each thoughtfully designed to offer varying levels of exclusivity, benefits, and digital assets. From the unparalleled exclusivity and comprehensive benefits of the Ultra Rare category to the democratized access provided by the Limited category, the “Tulipa NFT – Extracts from Hortus Bulborum” collection offers a unique opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to engage with the exclusive world of art in a manner that suits their preferences and investment capabilities.

Ultra Rare


Price incl. VAT + NFT + Print and worldwide Shipping + 1 aging Video + Artist meet and greet in Berlin
1 unique Artwork
Elite Collectors

Super Rare


Price incl. VAT and NFT + Print and worldwide Shipping + 1 aging Video

1 Edition Artwork 10 x and each still unique
Curated Collectors



Price incl. NFT + 1 aging Video

1 Edition Artwork 100 x and each still unique
Art Enthusiasts



Price incl. NFT only

1 Edition Artwork 222 x and still unique

Entry-Level Collectors

Michael Wesely contemporary German photography and MoMA Artist

Michael Wesely, the luminary of contemporary German photography, stands as a visionary trailblazer in his field. With groundbreaking techniques, he has unlocked the ability to capture extraordinary long exposures that transcend conventional boundaries, spanning cities, architecture, still lifes, interiors, and portraits. Wesely wields a meticulously crafted pin-hole camera as his artistic instrument, delving deep into the realms of temporality and ephemera. His photographs are more than mere images; they are profound manifestations of the relentless march of time itself.

Wesely’s extraordinary contributions to the world of photography have been richly acknowledged with an array of prestigious awards and honors. Among them, a noteworthy 1995 scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD enabled him to craft captivating photographs in the Netherlands. In 1999, he earned a distinguished scholarship from the Free State of Bavaria, granting him the opportunity to further his artistic pursuits in the United States. A pivotal moment in his career came in 2004 when he received a commission from the illustrious Museum of Modern Art in New York to undertake the monumental “Open Shutter Project.”

Born in Munich, Germany, in 1963, Michael Wesely has since chosen Berlin as both his abode and creative sanctuary. His work transcends mere photography; it is an exclusive portal through which one can witness the convergence of artistry and time.


Frequent Questions about Tulipa NFTs

The 1/1 Ultra Rare Tulipa NFT is a unique digital artwork for collectors who prioritize exclusivity and rarity. It’s ideal for those looking to own a distinctive piece in the digital art world, offering unparalleled value and uniqueness.

A 1/10 Super Rare Tulipa NFT is a limited edition digital art piece, one of only ten in existence, crafted for art enthusiasts and collectors who seek both rarity and a sense of community among like-minded individuals. It’s perfect for those aiming to invest in art that stands out but also offers the opportunity to be part of a select group of owners.

Yes, it can. The prints of the Ultra Rare and Super Rare editions can be shipped internationally by our partner DHL Express, allowing collectors from around the globe to enjoy these exquisite pieces of art. This ensures that regardless of your location, you can own a tangible piece of the exclusive Tulipa NFT collection and appreciate its beauty in your personal or professional space. 

A 1/100 Rare Tulipa NFT is a digitally unique art piece, limited to a hundred editions, designed for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate rarity but desire a wider accessibility. It suits those looking to start or expand their collection with art that balances exclusivity and availability.

A 1/222 Limited Tulipa NFT is a digital artwork with a moderate level of exclusivity, produced in 222 editions. It’s tailored for emerging collectors and art lovers seeking entry into the realm of NFTs without the high barrier of extreme rarity. This category offers a chance to own a piece of unique digital art while supporting broader accessibility and inclusion in the art world.

The dimensions of each printed artwork vary slightly, starting at a height of 80cm to 100cm and a width of 80cm, extending up to a width of 100cm. This range in size ensures each piece is presented with ample space to showcase its detail and beauty, fitting various display preferences and spaces.

Frequent other Questions

Purchasing is straightforward. Click on the artwork you want, follow the instructions of our partners website like in any webshop, and make the transaction. Their Marketplace accepts credit card payments, so handling cryptocurrency is optional. For auctioned NFTs, simply place a bid.

Ownership is established through a non-fungible token (NFT), a digital certificate on the blockchain. It includes provenance, history, and all activities related to the digital asset. The blockchain ensures public visibility and immutability, preventing forgery.

If you own an NFT, resale is possible through our marketplace or other open platforms with public listings. Reselling incurs fees, including platform fees (usually 2.5 to 5%) and artist royalties (typically 2.5 to 10%).

Yes, it will eventually be possible. Web3 frames like Museframes are designed to display digital artworks. We’ve partnered with them to enable the display of our aging artworks on their frames soon.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique cryptographic certificates of authenticity linked to digital files (e.g., pictures, music, videos) stored on a blockchain. The blockchain ensures the highest security and unalterable transactions, making NFTs unique and irreplicable. The smart contract within NFTs tracks ownership and copyright securely.

A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions where individual records (blocks) are linked in a chain. Validated by a network of computers, each transaction is securely added to the blockchain. The decentralized nature of blockchain prevents manipulation, ensuring the permanence of records. It is a secure way to handle digital assets online, like cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

You can purchase these NFTs, created by the artist Michael Wesely, on our partner platform on This platform is a prominent marketplace for NFTs, where you can explore and acquire pieces from the “Tulipa NFT – Extracts from Hortus Bulborum” collection crafted by Michael Wesely

To buy an NFT like “Tulipa” by Michael Wesely on, follow these concise steps:

  1. Digital Wallet Setup: First, set up a digital wallet that supports Polygon, such as MetaMask, and add Polygon (MATIC) to your wallet for transactions. 

  2. Connect Wallet to OpenSea: Visit and connect your wallet by clicking the wallet icon and selecting MetaMask or your wallet choice.

  3. Find the NFT: Search for “Tulipa NFT” by Michael Wesely using the platform’s search feature.

  4. Purchase: Choose to buy the NFT at its listed price. Confirm and complete the transaction in your wallet, including the payment and gas fees.

  5. Transaction Completion: Once confirmed, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet and appear in your OpenSea profile.

Remember, transaction costs include the price of the NFT and Polygon network gas fees. Always ensure you’re on the genuine OpenSea site to avoid scams.

You can pay with a credit card or crypto through your MetaMask wallet. 

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