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Eine Grubige Und Lobte Spuk (zurück/back)

Eine Grubige Und Lobte Spuk (zurück/back)

Media: Sculpture, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Conceptual Art, Works on Paper

Made by the artist’s assistant. Two original photographs of the artist were manipulated, using imaging software, and combined with text that was supplied by the artist via a dream state. The finished print, on paper, was constructed into 28 (half the artist’s age when she left the physical realm) origami Krähen (crows). The image here shows the reverse/inner/back of the unfolded paper, and features a short poem, adapted from a song taken from a 1952 version of the German film ‘Alraune’ (‘Mandrake’).

The poem roughly translates into English as:
‘She was lonely and her spirit so strong,
Felt joy as also pain,
She will see again as a soul,
Her Art breathes new worth.’

The text underneath says something like:
This crow is an original artwork in memory of Barbara Ryan, artist (1966-2023), who between 1992 and 1994 lived and worked in Berlin. She found friends for life, visited the city many times and some of her ashes are also scattered here.




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