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Sustainable Art Revolution: MemoriesForArt and Camm present “Astronaut Buddha” sculptures


Sustainable Art Revolution: MemoriesForArt and Camm present “Astronaut Buddha” sculptures

In collaboration with Camm Solutions, MemoriesForArt has initiated the “Astronaut Buddha” project, a milestone uniting the art world through innovation and sustainability. The sculptures are not only artistic masterpieces but also symbols of environmental protection.

“Astronaut Buddha” is the result of an idea jointly implemented by MemoriesForArt and Camm Solutions. With Nanda Bergstein, the CEO of Camm Solutions, a series of sculptures was developed that are both aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly. They were crafted from CAMM, a revolutionary, biodegradable material providing a sustainable alternative to conventional plastics. Each sculpture in the series is unique and will be available in a strictly limited edition.

The founders of MemoriesForArt, Axel Hesse and Matthias Nebus, are passionate advocates for the connection between art and sustainability. They believe that art can play a big role in contributing to environment protection. “With the ‘Astronaut Buddha’ sculptures, we want to push the boundaries of art and at the same time send a powerful message for sustainability. The sculptures signify our commitment to innovation and ecological responsibility,” state Hesse and Nebus.

Nanda Bergstein from Camm Solutions on the partnership: “Our core business lies in replacing conventional plastics in the fields of e-commerce, logistics, and packaging. However, the collaboration provides a wonderful opportunity to present sustainability from a creative and inspiring perspective. Instead of just advocating personal sacrifice, we can actively contribute to an artistic milestone. We are pleased that our CAMM material is creatively utilized here.”

MemoriesForArt is a global platform for the digitization of art. Using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and an extensive network of art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and NFT veterans, MFA aims to provide artists with a unique platform to share their exceptional talent with the world. Through these technologies, new ways are created for artists and art lovers to express themselves while promoting sustainable values.


The significance of the “Astronaut Buddha” project lies not only in its artistic value but also in its contribution to combating global plastic pollution. The sculptures are 100% biodegradable and compostable, leaving no traces of microplastics. This collaboration demonstrates how Web3 and blockchain can enrich not only the art world but also contribute to emphasizing ecological principles. By leveraging these technologies, new opportunities arise for artists and art enthusiasts to express themselves while promoting sustainable values.



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