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46 1/10 × 85 in | 117 × 216 cm


As you delve into the remarkable life of renowned sculptor Alighiero Boëtti, prepare to be inspired by a true artistic genius and visionary. Born in 1940s Tuscany to a family of modest means, Boëtti showed a gift for artistry and creation from an early age. Despite a childhood illness that left him bedridden for years, Boëtti nurtured his talent, spending hours sketching and crafting small figures from whatever materials he could find. His perseverance and dedication in the face of immense challenges foreshadowed the resolve that would characterize his prolific career. After overcoming immense obstacles to pursue a formal education, Boëtti honed his craft and developed a signature minimalist style that brought him international acclaim. Follow the journey of this influential artist who refused to be defined by circumstance but let his work and vision shape the world around him.Boëtti left behind an indelible legacy and body of work that will continue to inspire and provoke for generations to come. Though his life's journey has ended, his creative spirit lives on in the beauty of his sculptures and the memories of all those whose lives were enriched through encountering his art. Boëtti, the genius sculptor, has secured his place in history.

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