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(Rare Earth Sculptures) CERIUM

(Rare Earth Sculptures) CERIUM

Media: Sculpture
Dimensions: 137 x 115 x 115 cm (H x W x D)

Lifesaver Systems™ 4000UF Lifesaver bottle™, sulphur, filtered tapwater, Lifetechnology™ Hyperdimensional Oscillator™, aluminium, galvanized steel, timber ::: Originally released by Appendix Project Space in July 2012, E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A has taken account of the wider circumstances which extend out from the site of the exhibition space and beyond.

Compelled into rising states of efficiency, we set up a device which would attribute a composite formula to Appendix’s hometown of Portland Oregon, a sort of inverted piece of land art. The piece builds upon a project which is taking place simultaneously with the release of the show. That project, which aims to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of a dormant volcano in Central Oregon to create a supply of sustainable geothermal energy, is broken down into the subjects water and consciousness and reassembled as follows:

As pressure mounts on world leaders to find realistic solutions and address the impacts of accelerating global environmental and economic challenges, we began developing a device which would be well acclimatized to a high degree of fluctuation in the weather and withstand increasing oscillations in the economy, political stability and collective-psyche of any given region. [Rare Earth Sculptures] CERIUM uses three essential components which bind themselves to the Cerium element in order to create an energy vortex by positioning a set of mediators within a wider one.

It works like this; mounting pressure to find solutions is first pumped through the 4000UF LIFESAVER bottle at the top of the sculpture where it undergoes a rigorous transformation. During this process the Lifesaver component itself is transformed from an advanced portable water purification device used by people hit by natural disasters to produce safe drinking water and leisure enthusiasts seeking a more authentic experience into a vessel which filters escalating climate-anxiety in order to obtain a calm and meditative state, using everyday tap water as a catalyst.

Filtered tap water then ends up in the central part of the sculpture in a pool where it interacts with a sulphur specimen. This sparks off a network of interconnectors which draw in an amplitude of sequential hyperobjects. Notably, it turns the whole sculpture into a kind of meta-filtration device for evolving ecological strategies: particularly the potential threat of carbon dioxide emissions from volcanoes as a homeopathic-style remedy for human induced global warming. It does this by using the similar qualities of sulphur to cerium in order to draw in the reciprocal agency of its Ce>S>CO2 formula.

A kind of psychic transducer called a hyperdimensional oscillator purchased from for roughly the same price as the Lifesaver bottle is suspended underneath. The object, which is essentially no more than a pill box with a piece of wire inside, claims to use Tesla technology to transport consciousness in order to access other dimensions of space time.


(RES) Cerium has been designed to be used in various locations from actual volcanic regions to offices, institutions and reception areas.
E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A 2012

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