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(Rare Earth Sculptures) PROMETHIUM

(Rare Earth Sculptures) PROMETHIUM

Media: Sculpture
Dimensions: 91 x 137 x 137 cm (H x W x D)

Bushnell® Bone Collector™ Trophy Cam, Texas Instruments RI-TRP-W9TD-30 RFID TAG, Raptor® anti scaling security spikes, Xchanging vinyl decals, galvanized steel, aluminium

::: Winklevoss aka The Winklevoss Twins or ‘Winklevii’ are two venture capitalists, American rowers and Harvard graduates. In 2004, the Winklevoss brothers sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $140 million, claiming he stole their ConnectU idea to create the popular social networking site. Much of their fame has emanated from their portrayal in the 2010 film The Social Network where they were played by actor Armie Hammer. ::: Deep Structures ;

The Winklevoss twins represent a kind of divergent pathway existing as unrealized potential. The punctuated equilibrium model in evolutionary biology embodies three concepts: stasis, punctuation and dominant relative frequency (Eldridge and Gould, 1972). Stasis refers to a long period of relatively unchanged form; punctuation is radical change over a short duration; and dominant relative frequency is the rate these events occur in a particular situation.

Where the phyletic gradualism model presents the theory that change happens over long sustained periods of time, punctuated equilibrium suggests that change, when it does happen is sudden, abrupt and unpredictable — akin to the high-risk, high potential gain of venture capital investments.

Energy Pangea was faced with the task of coming up with a solution which would not only harness this unrealized potential and escalating frustration that the Winklevoss twins embody, we also sought to find a method which would convert that energy into a new potential pathway for speculative gain in the field of Rare Earth Metals.

We came up with a device which would convert the energetic potential of the Winklevvii’s collective psyche into an exoplanet full of vast Promethium deposits. Because Promethium only exists in trace amounts on Earth and due to the elements uniquely unstable isotope counts it has little applications yet lots of potential. A different evolutionary route for example could be an imperative asset for developing unknown future technologies and applications if only we could find ways of connecting with them. The sculpture has various ammunition at its disposal which can be deployed in an array of ways which connect with the Winklevoss planet. Bruno Latour considers the notion of multirealism through his new project An Inquiry Into Modes Of Existence. Though not aligned with traditional realism, Latour’s actor-network model allows for any claim to be made no matter how far-flung and leaves no room for debunking as it bases itself on the premise of translation and mediation through different states of being — objects/events are considered detector/carriers which are traceable. We also used the many worlds interpretation to secure the idea that there is at least some chance that a Winklevoss planet exists. Given the internal inflation, unimaginably infinite structure and complexity of the multiverse we are also considering how small events and investigations may profoundly alter the course of history . Access Control ;

The sculpture works as a tracking device with its own network feedback intelligence. Based on a cellular/atomic structure with a central nucleus, outer membrane and lots of space and separation – it interacts with its environment in various ways;

○ The Bushnell® Bone Collector™ Trophy Camera which forms part of the nucleus has the ability to track and record activity in the surrounding environment. Originally used for hunting game and monitoring wildlife, it uses motion detectors, infrared, LED’s and a built in camera with mpeg video. This means that we can position the sculpture in an environment and assess its ability to form attractors.

○ We also fixed an RFID Transponder component to the central hub, this gives the sculpture the ability to be located and establish a connection with potential intelligences which could help us communicate with the Winklevoss planet. Dr. Roger Leir has successfully removed alien implants from abductees and although they contain unknown materials with isotopes similar to meteorites, the RFID Tag is the closest instrument we were able to gain access to which an extraterrestrial intelligence could potentially locate.

○ The outer part of the sculpture is comprised of components which make up a Raptor® Anti-Scaling Barrier. This is a type of security fence which uses plastic razor sharp spikes with each single component consisting of four spinning claw-like pods. The Raptor® acts as the outer membrane, It’s purpose is to filter attention. Memetic/Exoteric attention is left on the outside of the sculpture whilst a small amount of Concentrated/Esoteric attention is able to filter through and form emergent connective pathways. “…,then like a portal opening up into another world, we need to open up a very new grouping of determinations of being: atemporal, non-spatial, subjective perhaps, or qualitative, or virtual, or transcendental. And we must include those in which existence in only grasped as a fleeting and almost un-utterable experience, or which demand an enormous intellectual effort to understand what it is they are not yet made of, and which only a more extensive thinking could embrace. If it is even true that it would be necessary to understand the universe in all its complexity, not only to make thought capable of all the multicoloured rays of existence, but of a new white light, a white light which unified them all in the brightness of a superexistence which surpasses all these modes without subverting their reality. ”
– Bruno Latour, Reflections on Etienne Souriau’s Les differents modes d’existence. p.314 The Speculative Turn. re-press Melbourne 2011
E N E R G Y⋮P A N G E A 2012


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