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You may not recognize the name On Kawara, but you have likely encountered his work. The enigmatic conceptual artist spent over 50 years creating paintings that explored the passage of time and human existence. His signature series, "Date Paintings," featured nothing more than the date the work was created in simple white letters on a monochromatic background. Deceptively simple, his paintings contain hidden depths of meaning which have secured his place as an influential conceptual artists of the 20th century.Though Kawara's works have been exhibited worldwide, little is known about the man himself. He was intensely private, refusing interviews and photos to let his art speak for itself instead. His life remains shrouded in mystery. Yet by reducing painting to its most essential elements of colour and text, Kawara's art strips away the artist's ego to highlight deeper truths of human consciousness and mortality. This biography seeks to understand the meaning behind Kawara's profound and poetic works by piecing together the enigmatic life of the artist who created them.

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