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As an art lover visiting Berlin, you owe it to yourself to experience the innovative exhibits at 401Contemporary. This gallery is pioneering the avant-garde art scene and redefining what it means to be a cultural institution in the 21st century.  Upon entering the minimalist space, you are immediately struck by the raw creative energy pulsing […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

As an art lover visiting Berlin, you owe it to yourself to experience the innovative exhibits at 401Contemporary. This gallery is pioneering the avant-garde art scene and redefining what it means to be a cultural institution in the 21st century. 

Upon entering the minimalist space, you are immediately struck by the raw creative energy pulsing through the rooms. Local and international artists curated works push traditional mediums’ boundaries and defy categorization. One moment, you are pondering a multimedia installation that blends light, sound, and sculpture; the next, you are drawn into an interactive piece that transforms based on your movements. 

401Contemporary is a playground for the culturally curious that ignites the imagination and challenges preconceptions about the role of art in society. No two visits are alike at this pioneering space passionately reshaping Berlin’s contemporary art landscape. A visit to 401Contemporary will stay with you long after leaving this creative hub of artistic experimentation.

A visit to 401Contemporary may challenge, inspire, or spark an intense debate, but it will not leave you apathetic. If you seek an art space that is fiercely independent, socially aware, and dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices, look no further than 401Contemporary. This dynamic art hub deserves to be at the top of your list for a memorable and meaningful encounter with art. Walk through its doors and open your mind – you will not regret it.

The History and Vision Behind 401Contemporary

Image Credit: Art Berlin

401Contemporary was founded in 2008 by art enthusiasts and partners Anna Kloss and Peter Neumann. They envisioned a gallery that pushed the boundaries of traditional art in Berlin by featuring multimedia, interactive, and thought-provoking works.

To achieve this vision, Kloss and Neumann made it their mission to seek out and showcase innovative pieces from up-and-coming artists across Germany and internationally. They aimed to identify artists that employed progressive techniques, addressed contemporary social issues, or explored new creative spaces. By providing a platform for these pioneering artists, 401Contemporary hoped to challenge traditional notions of art and spark meaningful conversations.

Over the years, 401Contemporary has featured various mediums, including virtual reality, bio art, algorithmic compositions, and interactive sculptures. They have showcased solo exhibitions and group shows, hosting over 50 artists from 20 countries. While the styles and subjects have varied, the works have been united by their progressive and thought-provoking nature.

Through its innovative and socially conscious approach, 401Contemporary has established itself as a leader in Berlin’s contemporary art scene. For over a decade, the gallery has pushed the boundaries of art and provided a space for artists and audiences to explore new creative frontiers. Under the direction of Kloss and Neumann, 401Contemporary continues to identify and cultivate new talent, acting as a champion for avant-garde artists and an incubator for groundbreaking new works.

Unique Exhibition Spaces That Break the Mold

401Contemporary seeks to challenge the traditional white cube gallery space. The multifaceted art center features unconventional exhibition areas that push creative boundaries.

The Turbine Hall

Housed in a former power station, the cavernous Turbine Hall spans five stories high. Its industrial architecture is the ideal blank canvas for large-scale installations, sculptures, and experimental artwork. The hall’s raw concrete floors and metal beams provide an evocative post-industrial atmosphere.

The Silo

A former grain silo has been repurposed into an echoing chamber for sound and video art. Cylindrical concrete walls envelop viewers with immersive AV experiences. The confined space alters perceptions of scale and stimulates the senses.

The Loading Bay

401Contemporary’s outdoor loading bay provides airy exhibition space. Its ramps, platforms, and staircases allow artists to play with notions of access, circulation, and discovery. Sculptures and installations spread onto the pavement, dissolving barriers between art and public space.

Pushing Creative Limits

These adaptable venues challenge preconceptions and push art in new directions—401Contemporary invites pioneering international artists to activate and transform the spaces, fostering experimental multi-disciplinary collaborations. The center produces groundbreaking work that provokes dialogue around contemporary social issues. For art lovers seeking an unconventional experience, 401Contemporary delivers an inspired space to encounter the avant-garde.

Cutting-Edge Contemporary Artists Showcased

Image Credit: MoMA

401Contemporary represents both emerging and established contemporary artists. The gallery highlights artists pushing the boundaries of their medium and addressing pressing issues of our time.

Some of the contemporary artists featured at 401Contemporary include:

Cornelia RenzA Berlin-based artist known for her conceptual sculptures and installations incorporating found objects. Her thought-provoking works explore themes of memory, loss, and the passage of time.
Jenna BlissAn American artist working in Berlin who creates multimedia installations, videos, and performances addressing gender, sexuality, and power dynamics. Her evocative works aim to challenge social constructs and provoke critical conversations.
Felix RiemannA German artist experimenting with virtual and augmented reality. His futuristic and somewhat dystopian works examine how technology shapes human relationships and alters our perception of reality.

401Contemporary aims to support innovation in contemporary art and give voice to artists addressing essential issues creatively. The gallery seeks to foster cultural conversations by showcasing meaningful works that push viewers outside their comfort zones and encourage them to see the world in new ways.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events Not to Miss

401Contemporary is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art in Berlin. The gallery, located in the hip neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, features both emerging and established local and international artists in monthly exhibitions.

Several noteworthy exhibitions are on the schedule for the next few months:

Ava Mühsam“Tracing Memories”This first solo show opens in mid-January. Her large-scale paintings explore themes of identity and personal history through abstracted self-portraits.
Chris Dorland“Migrations”The series of seven aluminum sculptures explores human movement and interconnectivity.

Immersive Installations and Challenging Works

401Contemporary is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art through innovative and thought-provoking installations. The gallery brings together works that challenge perceptions and provoke deeper thinking about societal issues.

Immersive Installations

The gallery features large-scale installations that visitors can walk through and interact with. These massive works of art surround the viewer, creating an immersive experience that activates multiple senses. For example, one past installation used thousands of strips of shredded paper to form an undulating sea that visitors waded through. Another used motion sensors and projectors to cast shadows of visitors onto a wall as they walked through a dimly lit space.

Challenging Works

401Contemporary exhibits works that confront complex topics and question preconceptions. Several installations have addressed issues like migration, identity, and environmental destruction in unconventional ways. One striking work incorporated rescued materials from refugee camps and war zones, reconstructed into a sobering monument. Another challenged ideas of individuality and nationality by using facial recognition software to combine portraits of visitors into a single, composite face.

While some may find these works unsettling or strange, 401Contemporary aims to push viewers outside their comfort zone through thought-provoking art. The gallery believes exposing people to new perspectives and challenging commonly held beliefs can stimulate essential conversations and promote social change. For those open to thought-provoking experiences, 401Contemporary offers an opportunity to ponder profound ideas through the lens of contemporary art.

Quick Facts About 401CONTEMPORARY


Location: Berlin

Country: Germany

Founded: 2009

Address: Brunnenstraße 5, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Zipcode: 10119

Telephone: +49 30 47377783




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