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Lamborghini’s 8-Month NFT Campaign to Conclude With Special Drop

Lamborghini’s 8-Month NFT Campaign to Conclude With Special Drop

Lamborghini Concludes 8-Month NFT Campaign with Special Drop for 60th Anniversary

Lamborghini, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, is wrapping up its successful eight-month NFT campaign, the ‘Epic Road Trip.’ To commemorate their 60th anniversary, Lamborghini will release a special digital collectible along with exclusive airdrops for their loyal collectors. Attendees of Lamborghini’s IRL 60th anniversary celebrations and visitors to Lamborghini dealerships can obtain the commemorative collectible through a QR code.

Additionally, those who collected two or more NFTs from the monthly drops throughout the campaign will receive an airdrop of the collectible. Holders of this special NFT will gain access to an exclusive session with senior Lamborghini executives, providing a unique opportunity to discuss the brand’s history and future plans. Lamborghini, in collaboration with its Web3 partners INVNT.ATOM and Web3Pro, is excited to continue engaging with fans and customers through Web3 technology.

Taking a deeper look, Lamborghini’s ‘Epic Road Trip’ NFT campaign, culminating on March 20, marks the brand’s significant entry into the Web3 space. While Lamborghini had previously dipped its toes in NFTs by collaborating with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner for the release of five Lamborghini Ultimae collectibles in January of the previous year, the ‘Epic Road Trip’ demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to blockchain-based technology.

Marketing Director Christian Mastro stated that Lamborghini’s dedication to innovation extends beyond their super sports cars and permeates all aspects of their business, especially as they strive to connect with younger generations.


Celebrating 60 years of forward-thinking, Lamborghini aims to reward their past, present, and future customers and fans for their loyalty, offering them the chance to deepen their involvement and connection with the brand.

While the conclusion of the ‘Epic Road Trip’ is approaching, Lamborghini’s press release highlights that this is just the beginning of their Web3 engagement. Although the official 60th anniversary will occur on May 6, 2023, Lamborghini enthusiasts worldwide are already celebrating. Notably, on February 23, more than 280 Lamborghinis congregated at the Suzuka Circuit racetrack in Japan, with 251 cars participating in a parade that officially set a Guinness World Record for the “largest parade of Lamborghini cars.”

Looking ahead, car enthusiasts eagerly observe how their favorite brands explore the Web3 space. Porsche’s initial NFT collection, released in January, faced criticism from the Web3 community due to high mint prices and perceived lack of transparency and communication. However, Porsche made adjustments, reducing the original NFT supply and focusing on creating the best experience for an exclusive community. 


The course correction seems to have worked; the 2,363-strong collection’s floor price currently sits at 1.939 ETH ($2,900) and has done 8,951 ETH (just shy of $14 million) in trading volume on the secondary market. However, the lesson remains: if automotive brands approach Web3 from a web2 lens, they will likely have a hard time navigating the market.

Lamborghini, on the other hand, has pursued a gradual approach to NFTs over the past year, building a Web3 consumer base that trusts the brand’s ability to deliver valuable collectibles. As the Web3 market gains momentum in 2023, Lamborghini’s upcoming NFT venture will face increased scrutiny.


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