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AMTSALON is a platform for emerging artists and architects to showcase their work, foster collaboration and experimentation, and contribute to the city’s cultural landscape. It plays a vital role in the art and architecture scene in Berlin. The legacy and influence of AMTSALON on the contemporary art world cannot be overstated. Through its support of […]


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

AMTSALON is a platform for emerging artists and architects to showcase their work, foster collaboration and experimentation, and contribute to the city’s cultural landscape. It plays a vital role in the art and architecture scene in Berlin.

The legacy and influence of AMTSALON on the contemporary art world cannot be overstated. Through its support of emerging artists, its embrace of new mediums, and its impact on the art market, AMTSALON has left a lasting mark on the art world and continues to shape the future of contemporary art.


History and Background of AMTSALON, a Home for Art

Image Credit: Amtsalon

AMTSALON is a temporary home for art and architecture. It is located in Berlin, Germany and serves as a platform for emerging artists and architects to showcase their work. The concept behind AMTSALON is to provide a space where artists and architects can experiment, collaborate, and engage with the public.

The history of AMTSALON is rooted in creating a space that challenges traditional notions of art and architecture. The founders wanted to break down the barriers between these two disciplines and create a platform for interdisciplinary exploration. They believed that bringing together artists and architects could develop new ideas and perspectives.

Over the years, AMTSALON has hosted numerous exhibitions, installations, and events exploring various themes and concepts. It has become known for its innovative and experimental approach to art and architecture and has gained local and international recognition.

One of the critical aspects of AMTSALON is its temporary nature. The space is constantly changing and evolving, allowing for new ideas and projects to be showcased. This dynamic environment encourages artists and architects to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

In addition to its exhibition space, AMTSALON hosts workshops, lectures, and discussions that foster dialogue and collaboration within the art and architecture community. These events provide opportunities for emerging artists and architects to connect with industry professionals and gain valuable insights into their respective fields.

What types of events do AMTSALON host?

Image Credit: Amtsalon

AMTSALON is a versatile venue that caters to various events, including exhibitions, showrooms, and conferences. With its spacious layout and state-of-the-art facilities, AMTSALON provides the perfect space for companies and organisations to showcase their products, services, and ideas.


Exhibitions are a popular choice at AMTSALON, allowing businesses to connect with their audience and showcase their offerings interactively and engagingly. The venue’s ample space and flexible layout can accommodate various exhibition setups, from small booths to large-scale displays. 

Exhibitors can use the venue’s modern amenities, such as audiovisual equipment and high-speed internet, to create captivating displays.


Companies looking to launch new products or showcase their existing offerings can benefit from the venue’s sleek and professional atmosphere. Showrooms at AMTSALON provide a dedicated space for businesses to demonstrate their products. 

It allows potential customers and clients to see, touch, and experience them firsthand. The venue’s strategic location and accessibility make it an ideal choice for companies attracting a diverse audience.


Conferences are yet another event type that AMTSALON is well-equipped to handle. With its spacious conference rooms and advanced audiovisual equipment, the venue can accommodate both small and large-scale conferences. 

Whether it’s a professional conference, industry seminar, or corporate meeting, AMTSALON’s facilities provide the perfect environment for productive discussions and knowledge sharing. Attendees can benefit from the venue’s comfortable seating arrangements, excellent acoustics, and convenient amenities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable conference experience.

An Inside View of AMTSALON

Image Credit: Amtsalon

AMTSALON is a renowned art exhibition offering an inside view of contemporary art. It showcases the works of established and emerging artists, providing a space for them to share their unique perspectives. The exhibition features various mediums, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and digital art.

One of the highlights of AMTSALON is the opportunity to interact with the artists. Visitors can converse with the artists, gaining insight into their artistic process and inspirations. This personal connection adds depth to the viewing experience and allows visitors to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artwork on display.

The atmosphere at AMTSALON is vibrant and dynamic, with each piece of art carefully curated to create a cohesive and visually stunning exhibition. The venue is designed to enhance the viewing experience, with ample space to explore and immerse oneself in the art. The lighting and layout are meticulously planned to highlight each artwork’s unique qualities and create an engaging and memorable experience for visitors.

Visiting AMTSALON: Hours and Location

Image Credit: Amtsalon

GALERIE AMTSALON showcases a diverse range of exhibits and installations. If you’re interested in visiting this unique gallery, here’s some information you’ll need to know.


AMTSALON is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm. It gives you ample time to explore the exhibits and immerse yourself in the art and architecture. It’s worth noting that the gallery is closed on Mondays, so plan your visit accordingly.


AMTSALON is conveniently located in Kantstraße 79, 10627 Berlin, Germany. Whether travelling by car, public transportation, or on foot, you’ll have no trouble finding this vibrant art space.

When you visit AMTSALON, you can expect to be immersed in a world of art and architecture. The exhibits change regularly, so each visit promises a unique experience. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or just starting to explore the world of art and architecture, a trip to GALERIE AMTSALON will surely be an enriching and inspiring experience.

What to expect at AMTSALON?

Image Credit: Amtsalon

When attending an AMTSALON event, you can expect a few things. First and foremost, you can expect to be immersed in the world of automotive technology. AMTSALON is a trade fair focused on showcasing the latest advancements in the automotive industry, from electric vehicles to autonomous driving technology.

Networking opportunities are also a key component of AMTSALON. You can expect to interact with professionals from all automotive sectors, including engineers, designers, executives, and entrepreneurs. It allows you to connect, learn from others, and explore new business opportunities.

The Legacy and Influence of AMTSALON on the Contemporary Art World

Image Credit: Ocula

AMTSALON, an influential contemporary art exhibition and platform, has left a lasting legacy on the art world. With its innovative approach to showcasing emerging artists, AMTSALON has significantly influenced the contemporary art scene.

One of the critical aspects of AMTSALON’s legacy is its commitment to supporting emerging artists. By providing a platform for new and unknown talents, AMTSALON has helped to shape the careers of many artists who have gone on to achieve great success. The exhibition has become known as a place where artists can experiment and take risks, encouraging artistic growth.

AMTSALON has also played a crucial role in expanding the definition of contemporary art. The exhibition has showcased various art forms, from traditional painting and sculpture to video installations and performance art.

By embracing new mediums and challenging conventional notions of art, AMTSALON has contributed to the evolution of contemporary art and encouraged artists to think outside the box.

Beyond its impact on individual artists and artistic practices, AMTSALON has also influenced the art world. The exhibition has attracted attention from curators, collectors, and critics, increasing visibility and recognition for the artists involved. 

This increased exposure has helped to launch the careers of many artists and has contributed to the overall growth and development of the contemporary art market.


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