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VeeCon Announces Los Angeles as Location for 2024 Conference

VeeCon Announces Los Angeles as Location for 2024 Conference

VeeCon Announces Los Angeles as Location for 2024 Conference

The popular tech conference, VeeCon, recently announced that Los Angeles will host their upcoming event in 2024. This announcement is a significant win for the local economy and technology industry. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting news: 

What Is VeeCon? 

VeeCon is an annual tech conference held around the world each year. It brings together some of the most influential people in technology from all over the globe to discuss new trends and innovations within their respective industries. The conference also features keynote speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and more.  

Who runs VeeCon?

A team of experienced professionals with extensive business, technology, and marketing knowledge runs the company. It includes CEO David Siegel, CTO Michael Karpovkin, and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Lee. Together, they bring decades of experience to the table that helps them decide how best to manage their growing portfolio of products and services.

When did VeeCon start?

VeeCon was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs who wanted to create an online platform for businesses and professionals. The goal was to give users the tools to connect, collaborate, and grow their businesses. Since its launch, VeeCon has seen tremendous growth as more people discover the potential it offers them. It now serves millions of customers worldwide and continues expanding rapidly daily.


VeeCon is an annual conference that brings together technology, business, and entrepreneurship experts. It is an excellent occasion for professionals to network and learn from one another’s experiences. 

So what happens at VeeCon? Let’s take a look! 

Keynote Speeches

At VeeCon, keynote speeches are given by some of the most influential people in tech today. These speakers share their insights on innovation, disruption, and leadership. Attendees can gain valuable knowledge from these talks, which they can apply to their businesses or projects. 

Networking Opportunities

One of the main reasons why many attend VeeCon is to meet new contacts who could become partners or collaborators. There are many social opportunities throughout the event, where attendees can connect with like-minded individuals over coffee or lunch breaks.  

Workshops & Seminars

In addition to keynote speeches, workshops, and seminars are offered during Veecon, which cover various topics related to technology and entrepreneurship. It allows attendees to get hands-on experience while learning about different aspects of running a successful business or project in this day and age. 

VeeCon is an excellent event for anyone interested in technology, business, or entrepreneurship, as it provides them access to top industry leaders through keynote speeches, invaluable networking opportunities, and workshops and seminars covering relevant topics within those industries.

By appearing at this event, you will be able to expand your professional connections while gaining insight into how best to approach challenges faced when starting up a venture or managing existing ones.

Why Was Los Angeles Selected As Host City For VeeCon 2024?

Los Angeles was chosen due to its vibrant culture and booming tech scene. This decision was made after considering several factors, including accessibility, infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness. 

Here are some reasons why VeeCon chose Los Angeles for its upcoming event:


Los Angeles is one of the most approachable cities in the world, with multiple airports and a well-developed public transportation system. It also has excellent road networks, which makes it easy to reach from any part of the country or even internationally. Furthermore, many hotels offer discounted rates during conferences, making it an ideal location for large gatherings like VeeCon’s annual event. 


The city offers state-of-the-art facilities such as convention centers with modern technology to host events like VeeCon’s conference and expo. Additionally, plenty of restaurants nearby provide delicious food options at reasonable prices so attendees can enjoy themselves without breaking their budget while attending this essential gathering. 

Cost Effectiveness

With all these advantages combined, hosting an event in LA proves to be much more cost-effective than other locations around the US due to lower taxes on hotel rooms and meals and cheaper rental costs for venues than other major cities across America. 

It’s clear why VeeCon selected Los Angeles as its destination for its 2024 conference – convenience coupled with affordability make this city a great choice!

Where was VeeCon 2023?

VeeCon 2023 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event took place over three days and featured keynote speakers worldwide discussing topics related to technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Attendees had access to various workshops and networking opportunities that allowed them to connect with like-minded individuals who shared their passion for tech. Plenty of exciting activities, such as hackathons, gaming tournaments, and more!

What Are the Benefits of Hosting a Major Tech Event in Los Angeles? VeeCon  Los Angeles event

Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant cities in America and has become an increasingly popular destination for major tech events. From conferences to hackathons, these events bring together some of the brightest minds worldwide and provide them with opportunities to network, learn new skills, and collaborate on projects. 

But what are some of the benefits that come from hosting such an event in LA? Here are a few of those advantages. 


With its proximity to Silicon Valley and other major technology hubs like San Francisco and Seattle, Los Angeles provides easy access for attendees who may be coming from out-of-state or even abroad. It makes it easier for people to attend without worrying about long travel times or expensive flights. 

Networking Opportunities

By bringing together so many talented individuals under one roof, tech events offer unparalleled networking opportunities both during and after the event. Attendees can meet potential employers or partners while learning more about their industry through conversations with peers with similar interests or goals. 

Exposure & Visibility

Events held in LA can help companies gain exposure by showcasing their products/services directly to potential customers within their target market(s). It’s also an excellent way for startups looking for funding or recognition since they get direct access to investors who might only know about them if they attended such an event themselves.  

Education & Innovation

The educational aspect offered at these types of gatherings helps participants stay up-to-date on current trends within their field, which allows them to develop innovative solutions faster than ever before, thanks to all the knowledge gained throughout each session/workshop/panel discussion, etc. Additionally, attending speakers give valuable insight into how specific problems were solved, which can be applied elsewhere when needed again! 

Numerous benefits are associated with hosting a major tech event in Los Angeles, ranging from accessibility and networking opportunities to education & innovation – making it no surprise why so many choose this city year after year! 

Whether you’re looking for investment capital or want your product seen by thousands, holding your next conference here could prove highly beneficial now AND later on down the road!


Hosting Veecon’s 2024 conference in Los Angeles promises great things for both locals and visitors alike – ranging from increased economic activity through tourism spending & job creation/retention, attracting other businesses or investors interested in setting up shop nearby, plus giving everyone access to invaluable knowledge & career-altering connections thanks top tier talent coming into town specifically attend this event!


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